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  1. Nicolas Liberti

    He snapped everything but not his fingers.

  2. Mr Brainless

    I didnt know how to make spaghetti but now I do

  3. Geno

    Mate that's a bloody cleaver

  4. Mad Gamer

    Imagine doing serious tutorials

  5. Nikola Đurić

    Goggle+ geaaaaah geeee! *destroy loptop*

    1. Nikola Đurić

      With eggs

  6. Enzo Franzini Spina

    Today’s lesson > Don’t steak or break howtobasic’s eggs

  7. HyperSonicXtreme

    The thumbnail version of the ramen looks more delicious.

  8. MJGaming65

    Why does that look like it tastes good?

  9. Sherlock Holmes

    What the fuck

  10. Khadeer Shaik

    Stars of the show-- eggs,toilets and Pepsi

  11. byron mitchell

    knob a dog with to not door a replace how

  12. Lol XD Funny meme hey peter

    Me like egg


      I was playing bioshock


      Good man

    3. Lol XD Funny meme hey peter

      Hey man how was your day


      Hey man

    5. Lol XD Funny meme hey peter


  13. Gerilla Kela


  14. Nerti Pero


  15. ʝσєl

    I too find it helps to put milk , ketchup flour ect on my inflatable mattress and mixing and the having a seizure helps me sleep

  16. Addicted Barbarian

    That's a lot of food wastage.... Give it to the poor instead you moron

  17. NUN KY

    Ah ok I'll do it now

  18. Dalyan Haval

    Wtf he pooped 😨

  19. Urszula Kaminska

    Im surprised hkw this chanell isnt demonitised or deleted.

  20. Zayne Libar

    thanks for the recipe, my guests left the house in the first couple of seconds.

  21. Final Miro

    respect for peoples who tried.

  22. Asha Devi

    I think that you have a lot of money that's why you wasting all these things I already seen your 15 videos and these all have the wastage of each and everything and specially eggs

  23. Julie Hartley

    Hey for next vid you should actually cook tell me if its a good idea 💂

  24. otter7 Pups

    Hey man I borrowed your toothbrush today. Yeah, that’s fine. *begins to brush his teeth* I used it to repair a rusty knife. *spits*

  25. Asha Devi

    You are wasteing the egg even the electricity and even your phone and this is not good for our environment that you are doing

  26. I'm not FBI bruh

    At this point,he is just wasting food..

  27. MJGaming65

    Rip xue hau piao piao

  28. The NSA

    How to make a wedding cake in 2 minutes and 56 seconds *doubt*

  29. PsihoCatsPlayz UwU

    How to make a amazing and tasty and useful omllete: this vido

  30. Jessica C

    I’m afraid to even watch this mans channel.

  31. chillzoonee

    2:33 pls help me

  32. Pietreczeq

    at least someone can seriously use it to make ramen

  33. Asha Devi

    Egg is to eat not to waste

  34. Carina Moura

    I'm not sure if I want to eat ramen anymore.. haha I was happily taking note of each step, then.. wait a minute wtf :O

  35. Jayden Day

    no .... he ist real .....

  36. Davide Aezakmi

    The pasta that he made is still better than 99% of the shit I see on Facebook

  37. Miłosz Moczulski


  38. Brian G.

    He became Jesus at the end and started multiplying the damn food again.

  39. NektKromm


  40. Kayo _Joga

    Someone calls a doctor for Mr.Beast

  41. MyThic Samurai

    Orrrr...... U could just buy another one instead of wasting more money on the other stuff cuz all the things he used is DEFINITELY more expensive than the knife

  42. Alexandrr Gusar

    Блять, go return filthy Frank in ESsels?

  43. Magical Cookie Cupcake

    Oml he just cooked that dead chicken alive!😱

  44. Nikita Melam

    Looks like he finally mastered “How To Flip An Egg”

  45. Kai Dark

    the thing is it actually taught you how to make the tea which is weird for howtobasic

  46. Roos Hovhannes

    How to fikz a toilet Step 1: hit it with a sledgehammer

  47. GROSS_ 2801

    At first i thought it was real tho.... Hahahahaha i literally showed my mom dis vid and not knowing what will happen.... Hahahahaha

    1. GROSS_ 2801

      Before i let my mom sees this vid......... Idk what will happen cuz i dont watch this vid til end

  48. The Baker TB

    Thanks a lot I was trying to turn mine off

  49. A Surprisingly Awesome Egg ;w;

    *this ESsels video should be called “how to piss off your mom”*


    You are actually wasting the food which you can give it to the poor and homeless Does it matter to you you are actually entertaining people by wasting food

  51. Bartix Beats

    No one: Insta girls: 0:31

  52. Dikke Geit


  53. Ildikó Ónodi


  54. Sand Isme

    This one is pretty legit

  55. Kkona_Ukko_Tosijjaa

    I like that jelly asmr

  56. Bakir Bakarash


  57. Roos Hovhannes

    0:28 thats a top hit single

  58. All Kinds Of Stuff

    Imagine someone skipping to 1:52 like "what did I miss?"😂

  59. omirzhan zhanzak


  60. Fatema Ali

    انت مريض نفسي

  61. mr. gaming

    Bro u really fix it

  62. GROSS_ 2801

    At the beginning of the vid i thought he wont do the "how to trash ur house"..... But then.... Haahah im laughing so bad cuz he actually did it🤣🤣

  63. Bakir Bakarash


  64. Zerin Filcek

    very informative thank you (:

  65. Shrek is here

    Me : takes hammer Mom : what are you doing ? Me : *smashing like button* 👍

  66. Bakir Bakarash

    0:07 its ketchup

  67. кукарача

    I’m sure there is a person who didn’t watch the video in full, but later sent it to repeat life hacking, but he did not suspect what would happen next

  68. Magical Cookie Cupcake

    LMAO!!! At school we were learning how to cook Shepherd's pie and we were watching it on the big screen in our classroom. This was in the "next up" list and the class was chanting "PUT IT ON!!!!!"😂 The teacher said no....😡

  69. AKA Plunder

    What if someone really tried this out

  70. Pablo Rodriguez

    Title: how to do homework. 37M people: 🧐

    1. Mobile -Legend

      Pablo Rodriguez haha

  71. Abdul Ahad Ali

    Aha my favourite Soup with a knife in it cooked

  72. Hibor

    каша из топора

  73. JC Ghsu


  74. Diego.pagani

    Ho messo dislike solo perchè c’era come pubblicità rise in kingdom

  75. Henrique Theodoro Porto

    guess u -hate- love cleaning

  76. Adriaan Gouws

    By far my favourite episode of HowToBasic

  77. Roman Contreras

    My mom clicked on this to see how to clean a rusty knife and this is not what she expected



  78. Mega Pickax4

    WTF is this explain me pls fack u

  79. Brendan Nolan

    The next April fools video should be an actual tutorial

  80. Darksoulmaster second channel

    The difference is staggering! I can't believe how clean the knife is!

  81. zaid gamer


  82. mythius lopez

    10 years later and he’s still poppin

  83. Vezix

    Oh an actually normal video from how to basic! Oh wait... nothings normal with how to basic

  84. xXProjectDeadShotXx

    *Kiwami Japan wants to know your location*

  85. maevoutale

    2:47: OMG THE EGG'S SOUNDS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭

  86. Potato God

    He predicted infinity war

  87. Alone Wolf

    I wonder how he cleans up after every video and how his parents will react... 😅

  88. 50,000 Subscribers With 1 Video

    I'm here in the year 2020. You?

  89. Kev Kigs

    Imagine being a guest, then you went to the kitchen

  90. 50,000 Subscribers With 1 Video

    These fries taste so good, wow!

  91. 50,000 Subscribers With 1 Video

    Thanks for helping me with my stomach massles.

  92. 50,000 Subscribers With 1 Video

    I came in 2020 to watch this again.

  93. Summer Pinquïn

    wow it actuallly wooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkksssssssssssss

  94. big hit KNOX

    Is that actually how you build a PlayStation 4

  95. Baby No no square

    Who else did this not knowing this was how to basic

  96. Bruinbird

    This is the most tame one so far


    how to restore a rusty knife: smash the old one and buy a new one

  98. Ishaan Hrishi

    This video is pure facts

  99. Grant Curtis

    At least he know HOW to cook

  100. Louis

    I like to think that he has a machine gun which shoots eggs rapidly