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  1. Fat _Poisøn

    Jungkok​ bts​❤️😍😘

  2. semangka_JK

    Wow Jungkook, he is simply perfect.

  3. Nikki TheBean

    this was so beautiful and powerful

  4. Annqualise

    bts is so popular they can perform b sides and everyone still knows the lyrics lmao

  5. im_not_ normal_

    2:01 yeah im not okay



  7. Jungkookie and his banana milk Ponce

    Welp I cried 😢

  8. Shiggy Tv

    Bin ich die einzige deutsche hier??

  9. DIOSITO Nam Dice que:

    son unos ángeles. los amo

  10. •Tia Choi UwU•

    I really agree with the boys, because no one is perfect, and all armys agree that no matter how stressed they are we will never stop loving them, besides being "perfect" they are human beings and they go wrong like all of us armys ...

  11. nico gaby

    No se como llegué aquí:V



  13. Rhasmine BTS

    I didn’t have time to say Jungkook he already reached the end

  14. aeki

    Dear Bighit, Make a Disney movie.

  15. johannaa luna

    Diciembre 2019 🔥

  16. Ann Yi

    Love Jungkook's performance ♡♡

  17. aeki

    Can we just all appreciate bangtan's outfit here? 🙂 No need to argue. Even Namjoon's & Hobi are like that, it's expensive. You should sell yourself so you could buy that kind of outfit.

  18. 그라믄안돼

    피규어가 나보다 춤 더 잘춤

  19. Alex Ortiz

    And v is still cute

  20. Heidi Viridiana López Pacheco

    Rewind 2019 ahhhh!!!!

  21. 3000 daebak

    Same song and different feeling!! Indeed I love BTS!

  22. Asmiré

    This makes me think of the day I went to their concert. It was the last song they played 😪. I posted a cover of mikrokosmos. You can find it on my channel. 💜💜💜

  23. Andy Gray

    I get so much shit for being into K-pop but seriously they are much better dancers, singers, and performers than most American singer or pop musicians. It’s insane. I’ve never seen an American boy group dance or sing as well as BTS.

  24. Runner Girl

    jimin did this in JEANS literally how

  25. Heize Army

    Quando eu sair do ensino médio:

  26. Aurelis Marcano


  27. Lysxn

    5:40 song?

    1. semangka_JK

      Lysxn save me remix version. It sounds so epic.

  28. Jhulye Brenda

    Tudo neném e só o que eu penso importa

  29. Faiza Kamilah!

    yampun suami aing T^T

  30. uH huh , listen bOi

    After watching this 10 million times I realized the song he made with jimin and J-hope some years ago was playing on the background I'm a dumbass



  32. Lama Hoshya

    I love you😍😍

  33. Cystal Lll

    jimin art. His dance touched my heart

  34. Feliz Kassi

    Halsey와 콜라주 ??? 나는 질투합니다 (노래의 의미를 이해합니다).

  35. Feliz Kassi

    Halsey와 콜라주 ??? 나는 질투합니다 (노래의 의미를 이해합니다).(((((((((((((((( Shit !!/

  36. serina


  37. Joimoni Kuruwa16

    😇😇😇😍jkjkkjkjkjljkkjlkkjkjjkkking his perfomancs was sooo9 amazing with water god he jst perfec5ttt😎

  38. Ima Salmaa

    I'm crying hearing this song+watching their beautiful performance ❤😭

  39. v dna

    Good morning dear Winter Bear ♡♡♡

  40. Ima Salmaa

    I love how maknae line at the center and the hyung line at the left & right side 😭😍♥

  41. Khmeng Pozz Kpc

    I sl you Kim Seok Jin 😍😍

  42. Madelen ccente #army Perú

    Tae tu voz la.amo es perfecta💜👑😍

  43. Hwang Eunbi

    So Crazy

  44. Madelen ccente #army Perú

    Tae amo tu voz aguda relajante me encanta

  45. Olivia Torres

    jimin wore that shirt on purpose. i swear.

  46. Squishy MinMinMochi

    Woooooow............... THE BEST PERFOMANCE

  47. a yu

    good morning tae...

  48. Lama Hoshya


  49. 기대

    ...c-can someone please talk about Hoseok's solo with me..p-please?

  50. Tae Sunshine

    29,624,658. 08:47. 12/7. HAPPY V DAY. D-23. Streaming party has already began . KimTaeArmy Fighting ~~

    1. v dna

      FIGHTING ♡♡♡

  51. Chaotic

    mayhaps... japanease version of joke? nah i’m jk............. unless?

  52. sky fly

    대한민국 클라스

  53. MTzinn TV


  54. Rosilda Maria da Silva


  55. الفتاة الأسطورية

    Happy birthday Jin l love you 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊

  56. emma


  57. that's not me fellas

    no one: hobi at any given time or situation: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  58. marcela danone


  59. dala chanthalasy

    the best my RM and JK💙💜

  60. Naim Vizcarra

    Oooh las putis alegres

  61. romi army

    Quien lo ve en Diciembre de 2019 Como amo a mis bb

  62. Monique Silva Silva123

  63. Sunflowers Cutie


  64. Chloe Nicole Gamez

    Yassss BTS💜💜💜

  65. tae_jizi 130613

    BTS BEST ⬇️💜⬇️

  66. tae_jizi 130613


  67. Priya Gonthina

    PARK JIMIN performance made me aww struck. Like he is truly a piece of artwork.

  68. that's not me fellas

    their souls escaped their bodies from laughing too hard SKSFJKJSSKJFSKSKSFSJHFSJVSHJFVSF

  69. NO NO Hyunjin NO

    I just hope that Jungkook saw it.... ❤️

  70. Ju Fire

    Se eu pelo menos pudesse entender uma palavra que eles falam!!!😐😑😕

  71. Kpop Trash

    Whne Jungkook stepped on Taetae's foot

  72. TheWarrior ,

    I died 😍

  73. Ali3nado _

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤my cats 108564972487524649 indinite BTS A.R.M.Y

  74. Its Xad

    this is the legends bts?

  75. Ali3nado _

    Yous cats

  76. Kpop Trash

    Rip Hope world

  77. Jay Kim

    this performance was so breathtakingly beautiful. i havent stopped watching it since its upload. the energy, the passion, the craft, the remix to their old songs ... definitely nostalgic for day one armys. our boys did their thing on this one. everyday i grow more and more proud of our men 🌟🌟🌟

  78. TimoTube AUTTP ATHDTC


  79. Abby Sun

    22:27 peak fairy behavior

  80. Rima Farrouh

    كيم تايهيونغ نحن نحبك ونثق بك شكرا لحبك لنا ايضا وثقتك بنا

  81. _VANYA_


  82. blacj moon

    The one wearing shoes is so hot holy shit 🥵

  83. 꾸꾸Jungkook kookie

    Pls 5:20 Jungkook is the best dancer👏👏👏👏👏👏

  84. F M

    Thank you Taehyung , thank you for all the feelings that you give it to me Thank you for your smile that make me smiling a lot I love you , i can't imagain how much i love you and how you take all the place on my heart I just want to thank you because you live in this world Really thank you .

  85. Lo En

    How is jungkook so stable while dancing this hard. But all of their true singing voices come out during standing



  87. palomita gamer

    안녕하세요 !!! 얘들 아 아주 좋은 비디오 내가 그들을 사랑합니다 !!!! hello !!! guys very good video I love them !!!! Hola!!!muy buen vídeo los amo!!!! Para los de poco English :D jejeje saludos desde Argentina!!! greetings from Argentina!!! :D

  88. 로로아


  89. Yulniangsi -yuning

    I hope you always shine ❤️

  90. Nayla Rezqi

    Whei ini award apa konser seh ?

  91. 3분집구경 송과장

    국뽕 충전 완료

  92. FİLHA DO BTS army

    Jimiiiiin lindoooooooooooo e gts

  93. F M

    I can't stand again every things hurt me

  94. F M

    I wish i will meets bts in the real life someday Or Maybe never?!

  95. F M

    Waiting jingle bell while listening to this angelic voice Taehyung-ah your voice treat my heart's pain very well Love you with all my feelings

  96. Gizem Aciöz


  97. Mystical Playz

    Does the members even know why V was laughing?

  98. Riri R Mansur

    Team work makes the dream work 💜💜💜 we purple u bangtan💜💜💜

  99. Kim khokha

    😍😍😍❤my baby

  100. Soo Bin