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  1. G. P.

    八村27点❕ おめでとう🎉日本から応援してるよ

  2. Written Mirror

    Bulls really need to fire Boylen. Look at how badly Markkanen has regressed this year. They failed to score 100 against that porous houston defence. They got embarrassed multiple times this year, he benched Zach and who knows how many other offences have taken place. Turf psycho Jim already!

  3. Matsya Roshan

    0:05 right half of the screen..too cold or too warm? 😂

  4. Matsya Roshan

    Same "rise up" comment as in the Magic-Suns game.. 🤔 ..where I already didn't like it..please, stop quoting the Bible when commenting on Basketball (or sports in general..), I feel this is kinda "misplaced"..

  5. Mystic Frosty

    warriors are garbage

  6. Mystic Frosty

    raptors beat lakers with no lowry or ibaka

  7. Mystic Frosty

    raptors r gonna destroy houston rockets

  8. Mystic Frosty

    all of u guys saying and calling ur self the 6ix but none of u r actually form toronto im form toronto

  9. Valux (le Velux)

    Lmao +4 with this superteam against Pelicans without Zion xD I hope lebron can go to playoffs this year tho.

  10. Noodle 84

    Donovan mitchel @ 30 seconds. Surely that's travelling? I've not played for over 20 years but it looked like it to me 🤷‍♂️

  11. المخلص فقط JESUS


  12. oj oj

    u can leave we dont nee you whahahahahaah. i blame all curry fas believing everyhing the media was saying bad about kd is true. im lakers fan, the media wants kd out of the warriors cuz of lebron, the media destroyed ur team. ahah u tought Dlo really was betta thn KD whahahahahahha

  13. Ezra Kennedy

    who is this dude loooks like he wrote the description as well i like him

  14. Nicolas S

    Mavericks for NBA Champions

  15. Halil Emre Mumcu

    In my opinion, Rick Carlisle is the Coach of NBA 2019/20... He knows Doncic's strengths and weaknesses very well, so creates offensive and defensive drills according to these facts... He makes us to overrate Doncic's skills... Of course, Doncic helps him with his enormous basketball iq, timing and leadership... Especially, Luka's very high basketball iq/cold-blooded and well timing play combo is a unique mixture for world basketball... If Carlisle can solve Porzingis problem, but this is so difficult, Mavs will reach better standings... But so difficult, so hard, so complicated because of Kristaps...

  16. Parask Vid


  17. Brian

    Splash And the lord says u gotta rise up Drop it like it’s hot

  18. dmcpopp

    Can't wait to see the blazers with the whole squad Nurk and Colins. This season is going to be interesting. Go! Blazers!

  19. Blue Atlas

    I remember dwight tried a 3 before and it was hilarious HAHAHA good for him that he can shoot now 😊

  20. RATM

    The commentator, i like whatever he's having

  21. Jonathan ibrahim

    Luka mvp 2019 2020

  22. Hakan Bos

    Dwight lol

  23. Rafael Ronaldo da Cosat

    Russel is back Great we Hope Curry & Thompson come back too

  24. Murat Şahin

    Ya Ferguson kardeşim at o 3 lüğü artık. Smaç basmakla maç alınmıyor

  25. onenito zafra

    The commentary is blasphemy af

  26. mradhayuda1

    Luca lg kurang greget

  27. mark kiefer road to PBA

    E,Angelo is back


    dwight howard and bensimmons for 3pointcontest allstargame!!

  29. Eddie Boy Ng Davao

    Im liking this team now because of Melo.. 👏👏👏

  30. nastynas75018

    too short resume , nothing from the kings 2 min must be a minimum common

  31. Coconut 696

    Lakers are playing so well that even an underachiever like D-How could end up with a ring.

  32. romain viguier

    Commentator of sh! But good game for Chicago!

  33. Fouad Saade

    "Cp3 , no .... steven adams , yes " shitmentator doing his things

  34. İsmail Cem Turgut

    best cringer in the business !!

  35. Ceridwen Garcia

    Phoenix Suns, Charlotte Hornets, Atlanta Hawks is much BETTER TEAMS than the GSW and thats FACTUAL AND NOT FAKE-NEWS, without the SO-CALLED SPLASH BROTHERS; Thompson & Curry the GSW is a BIG SCUM BAG, as a PROOF THEY HAVE A SHAMEFUL & ADSURD RECORD OF W-4, L-19...lol

  36. greenfingers

    yes lads #RipCity

  37. lisniari m

    Gsw is so bad in 2019

    1. Sánchez Boy

      Because they lost Curry and Thompson. Hope they get well soon.

  38. Zaia Belaie

    Bien joué les C's, continué sur cette belle victoire

  39. Ivan Milić

    new soundtrack, I like it

  40. TLR

    Another win .👍. Get in there guys 👏they say they come in 3 s Dwight.

  41. 凡天

    Dwight Howard feel Yeeeeeees(•ω•)

  42. djarvils EU

    Crazy putback dunk by Smith??? It's episode from top10 of the day but for this review not good enough lol!

  43. HipHop LuVeRZ

    Bully Ball, I like that!

  44. HipHop LuVeRZ

    "Now he becoming a bus driver cuz he be taking kids to school" LMAO

  45. HipHop LuVeRZ

    "Holla at the playa when you see him in the streets" LMAO What's the name of this guy commenting he highlights?

  46. Hrvz Ogale

    The Raging Heat is on.what a game.good job miami they really improved this season.nice roster 💪💪💪

  47. pkcrashsite

    That pass from lbj to kcp🔥

  48. Mr Pepper

    The cavs are better than the warriors

  49. JP O.

    k mid sticking up for his guy :)

  50. Damian Clark


  51. thekyoku

    0:05 Greta Thunberg ? :D 1:13 really Oo

    1. Göktuğ Kaya

      Greta is ugly as fuck. The girl on 0:05 is actually fine.

    2. louie Adrales

      she’s fine woman

    3. thekyoku

      @akirafaris :)

    4. akirafaris

      No, that girl's cuter than Greta

  52. Jasper J

    Dwight Howard for threeeeeee 💪😂🔥

  53. Jasper J

    The woman in the thumbnail though 🙃

  54. Nikolay Murashkin

    NBA, please bring this commentator back in the Top 10 Plays!

  55. Malcolm Graves

    Happy for Me7o!

  56. Abdulfitz

    Seen the match already... Came here for the commentary.

  57. broken 404

    harden goat

  58. Kristopher Pasia

    Lol giannis flop too...like harden and lebron

    1. Reymark Dagayloan

      Lol fucking blake want some beef with the greek he just want some spotlight like this doosh kristopher

    2. 82panther

      @Ricardo Salazar You are completely right but you won't be able to make pussy ass fans to understand what you are saying. It's the new breed of fans: sissies.

    3. Tasos M.

      @Ricardo Salazar stfu moron

    4. Ricardo Salazar

      @KaneLLo' now you're talking about kicks in the face? Well that escalated quickly. I'll take that as an admission of defeat. Bye.

  59. bob all

    Dwight hitting 3s THATS SOME CHEESE 🧀

  60. Phillip Macintosh

    And the haters are where...ohh it's quiet...


    Well done boys!!

  62. Neri Matrixx

    The Golden GIRLS lost...its a good day again.

    1. Urjit Shirke

      still salty 😂😂😂

  63. Marc Gab Geraldizo

    Los Angeles Lakers Vs Philadelphia 76ers

  64. JameZ_ The_prez


  65. Xenofon Katifes

    So now the Greek scores 35 pts in 28 mins 😃

  66. ΞIΛП

    Dwight Powell is on fire when Luka can't do nothing. 9/9 FGM

    1. Nicolas S

      Ahahahah Luka score 22pts 7rbs 6ast. 🤦‍♂️😂

    2. Maria elena Megu

      Well if you say nothing it refers to zero so shut the fuck up!

    3. vaannebilim


  67. Hanz Lew

    So the last Luka's air-ball will consider Assist or not?

    1. Aldref Fernand I. Mamontayao

      must not be counted porzingis came from out of bounds

    2. Dtp 1deepcantu

      No it was not but that's how cold Luka is he knew he was there to rebound if he missed. He sees everything he is not human!

  68. المخلص فقط JESUS


  69. Rico Krazyy


  70. المخلص فقط JESUS


  71. Darcy Truong

    This team is going all the way to the championships

    1. J zaBlanizm

      Just what i read last year lol

  72. d m

    Luka is mvp

    1. D. B.

      Rom dong But you are wrong, Luka is overrated as fuck and good only against shitty teams, and that upsets you.

    2. Rom dong

      @D. B. But your wrong, your just hating Luka for being good and that upsets you.

    3. D. B.

      Rom dong Naw i'm right, you trippin.

    4. Rom dong

      @D. B. Naw your trippin

    5. D. B.

      Randal Maker No like Dallas in the first game... So no, you and Luka are exposed here literally only.

  73. deepkamal jassal

    That dunk shiuld have been counter wtf 😤😠

  74. Ислам Сатарбаев

    ГСВ проиграл из-за того что Стефана не было

  75. Sebastian mendoza cadavid

    Jajajajajajajajajajaajj no se de nba pero viva colombia hijueputa y maicol jordannnnn y shaqi o nail jejejjeejejjejejeje y viva colombia venezuela ecuador y estados unidos y viva el soccer messi barca y real madrid jajjajsjsjsjsjsj😱😱😱😱😩😱😱😱😩

  76. GusionGod TV


    1. Shorty Ku Skool

      Who gives a shir?!

  77. Jomer taberara

    Mukang mas shooter na si luka kay dirk ko ahh ??

  78. Nik J

    Harden from the 3 point line 4/20 probably where the game was lost, he took on the double teams and forced shots made a few but missed alot. Had 6 assist should of really had 12 and more. Rockets big threat in the West and harden probably win MVP if he can share the ball a little and work on his % nearly averaging 40 points a game.

  79. lydnar zenaby

    Donovan mitchell is a selfish player, wanted to be the guy every night that doesnt make sense, with their current roster theyre gonna be a great team if Utah going to play the right basketball..theyre going to win against LA tonight..

  80. Hilmi Syah

    Ref need VAR....:D

  81. Xuelian Bayreuth

    Anybody knows BMG of this video?

  82. thesisdrs

    DeRozan took a charge like Lowry would to win the game

  83. Marky Mcdo

    AC the new “white mamba”

  84. Brooke Lopez

    Weve been sold a bill of goods for decades about what is righteous and pure. This country has a lot of problems and this is yet another one to add to the mix.

  85. Jao Romero

    Wizards: We're not going to be good anyway, so let's not play defense.

  86. Eric Tresents


  87. erwin021777

    Rockets and.fans complaining on that dunk call. How about the 24 FT? Half if not more of those are wrong calls as well. Lol

  88. Zack_ King900

    Raptors are now officialy tied with Miami Heat in the table

  89. David Dhannoo

    Omg that was embarrassing Knicks.

  90. cameron light

    That block was nasty to send it to overtime

  91. Delano Dilivio

    Just so you know PG13 is just warming up..

  92. Miguel Tamarez

    Carruso Is crazyyyy🔥🔥🔥💪

  93. Book Clifford B.

    Luka the next Dirk of Dallas.

  94. leo jones

    Nice vocals.

  95. Lalrin Hlua


  96. marvzki023

    2:48 thats got to hurt for demar

    1. Niggiez

      He took the charge like a fucking man tho, right after he made the free throws too! Huge plays there


    Luka, keep going on a MVP pace!

  98. 李元

    If the POPE get piont,,the LAKERS will win the game,so we can call the fact to "POPE RULE"

  99. Gobi Sunthar

    Nick shouldn't have given Lowry lot of time on floor. Its his first game back. Just proved he was coach of the last month not present.

  100. Joaquim Ribeiro

    Melo atack kkkkkn