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  1. Brian

    Aaron’s form and finesse of the dunk is wayyyyy better than DJJ

  2. HH Travel Media

    87-76, is this a 90's NBA game?



  4. Martin Brankov

    Aaron Gordon should have won again... at least time Zack Lavine was awesome too!

  5. Harry Whiteman

    Eddie Guerrero dance

  6. Miquel Moreno Fernández

    Team Giannis

  7. Adonis Madrigal Ureña


  8. oof goof

    Dude I want a mountain dew green ball now.

  9. Andrey Neiman


  10. pongky jengky


  11. Ari Tookes

    *idk what is it, who are they.just my crush loves it, sooooo*

  12. Pat 123

    Kobe had to lose his last game I’m a 76ers fan but this game should have gone to the lakers

  13. cho sarang

    why don't the highlights have the in game commentary?

  14. Erick Mckenzie

    KD won his first ring on my birthday best day ever ❤️

  15. Daniel Garcia

    Portland and Brooklyn are my favorite teams (Besides, I live in Brooklyn)

  16. 베나


  17. Nono TheGamer

    Wow good game .

    1. o r

      Nono TheGamer fuck

  18. 로로노아

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  19. Trap Town HTC

    Quite good video, awesome! Would you like to be ESsels friends? :)

    1. o r

      Trap Town NCS fuck

  20. Trap Town HTC

    I look forward to more videos.Keep it up! Would you like to be ESsels friends? :)

  21. Danny Rogers

    Team Lebron! 😍😍😍

  22. No Time Like The FFFuture

    I would just like to take the time out of my day to thank the nuggets for destroying my hunger. This video is approved by the Australian government Canberra.

    1. No Time Like The FFFuture

      Why fly or drive to Sydney when you can Gooooooooooooo NUGGETS. #weridetogetherwedietogether

  23. mikea hiooi


  24. Julien Ezanno

    What a robbery...

  25. Alepposyria

    This will go down as one of the worst events in NBA history

  26. BradTheKing


  27. Ubirter

    Thats my buddy!

  28. Liran M

    both are winners .both amazing athletes

  29. Saller Vikas

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  31. Ubirter


  32. Grammar Police -

    I It don't get what Maria was rushing for to make Giannis a dad. He is clearly more loyal than Dwayne wade or Tristan Thompson there was no need to rush ..first of many games Giannis will miss.

    1. unkown person

      How about you stay about their private life they know what they doing you don't need to be criticize them

  33. Ganbare Goemon

    Nul à chier le concours de dunk cette année.

  34. Liam Kartz

    What more has Aaron got to do !!! All his dunks were a 50 before he jumps over tacko and they still rob him !!!

  35. Tom

    Aaron Gordon has been snubbed twice now smhhhhh

  36. Dulmaa Dolgor

    Absolute robbery.......

  37. Maza

    One of the most entertaining dunk in all star history, they both should be the winner, but DJJ is a lil bit more exciting to me.

  38. waileung tsui

    between the leg, between the leg and between the leg

  39. Mantorras Montquilla

    whats the point of these its so boring ??????????????

  40. Vincent Purperhart

    LeBron is great but he still can't close That's why it was over time and that's why he made AD close He got to do it come one LeBron we just know you can do it believe in yourself!!!!!!!!

    1. mikea hiooi

      NBA in den deutschen Trends 🔥🏀 Das ist der Anfang von etwas Großem

  41. Jamal Pineda

    Wack judges. 😑😑😑

  42. o r


  43. Ybrik_fr

    I thought that tacko fall participated to the contest...

  44. Stephan Bosevski

    Personally, DJJ made me jump out of my seat the most

  45. Stephan Bosevski

    This comment section is about to go to war

  46. mradhayuda1

    Where is peja stojakovic? Damn iam old

  47. Juan jose Espitia arroyave

    Miami all star champion!!

  48. Trap Town HTC

    Quite good video, awesome! Would you like to be ESsels friends? :]

    1. Cancun American

      🤔 I've been known to make some poor decisions... Yes, let's be ESsels friends! *Warning:* I'm Codependent. 😳🤫

    2. o r

      Trap Town NCS fuck

  49. Aden Yoo


  50. Aden Yoo


  51. Hamz FYM


  52. Sumkindamon ZVA


  53. bilinas mini


  54. bilias hour

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 0:39 🔥💟 👇 👇🔥

    1. bilinas mini

      La verdad es que me llegó una notificación de google y ni veo basquetbol xdd

  55. Здравая Нация

    Kobe's spirit infused LeBron

  56. Johnsley Aristilde

    Zion williamson respect my broh keep on always

  57. Zhong Da (Tom) Wang

    Stop bully them Imao


    Crédito de ata Denver

    1. bilinas mini

      La verdad es que me llegó una notificación de google y ni veo basquetbol xdd

  59. Patrick Garry Clarke

    24 on Trending... I like it 💜💛

    1. bilias hour

      Anthony need to step up they all need to step up, it's about time the Color purple reign over the NBA...


    🔥🔥🔥🔥 0:39 🔥💟 👇 👇🔥

    1. bilinas mini

      Where is kobe ?🤨

  61. Paulo demarchi

    Celtics, Bucks, Clippers, Raptors, Rockets e Lakers in my opinion and for what has shown on court, they are the favorites for the title. But I hope that in the end only the Celtics fans can celebrate!

  62. Matthew Boettcher

    I don't really see how the Lakers will win a ring. The clippers beat them easy and they aren't even at full strength now. They are a playoff team

  63. Ailton Souza


  64. שון אביב

    Worst commentator ever

  65. Gloria Titore

    RIP Kobe and Gigi.

  66. Camilo Tamayo

    Jajaja ya nadie sabe quién es cobe brayant

  67. PierLof

    I want to see okc vs pelicans highlights not a Zion compilation! C mon!

  68. djarvils EU

    Porzingis made the biggest boost in 3rd. Stop talking like Luka is all the team!

  69. Hurricanes vai

    Steven Adams 🔥💪🇹🇴

  70. htc2 htc


  71. Marco Moretti

    Zion scored 31, Gallinari 29 plus the game winner. You just showed Zion highlights and 2 buckets from Danilo :(

  72. Davide D'Ippolito

    Gallo ❤️

  73. Calu11

    All highlights are for Zion and Pelicans, but Gallinari? Amazing stats and for Thunder this is a great performance.

  74. シKeura

    Nets gottt itty

  75. thug fity

    clippers are not going anywhere if kawhi leonard is not there leader and there closer ,the ball need to stay in his hands good things happen ,the rest of his team mates need to learn how to play defence ,they give up to much points,and lou williams need to stay off that court when kawhi leonard is on the court he is no help to kawhi and all he wants to do is shot ,and getting more touches than kawhi ,kawhi need help on defence ,everybody just want shot the dam ball ,clippers has no defence only kawhi does he hold 5 players buy himself wilds the rest of the team just want to shoot ,going nowhere if that dont get fix

  76. Pietro Beretta

    Gallo schooled zion

  77. dablackswan1

    This is not game recap , it's Zion's highlights of the game as every single video about the Pelicans. Please stop it

    1. Clay Lepchenske

      Exactly, highlight the game, not one player

  78. cammarasana2

    su 30 highlight, 28 sono dei Pelicans.

  79. Rafael Stefan

    Beating the clippers isn't bad I hope we will play for Champions GO CELTICS

  80. alfafaka

    Fuck Zion

  81. 40 Men

    Boston is the best team. Good music in this link watch essels.info/video/video/gaWc2Iieps7bx58.html

  82. alfafaka

    0:58 Not a Bid Deal for Aquaman

  83. misael07

    subscribe to my channel help me thanks essels.info/a/N_Rh7c4GhducplscX6mX5w

  84. ルカCameron


  85. The Beard 92

    mamma mia il gallooooooooooooooo

  86. Giuseppe Belfiore

    But the travelling of Zion at 1.07?

  87. Hernán Lescano

    Great game. Celtics won it cause they wanted more than Clipps. The Clippers lost because Kawhi was exhausted, in the OT looked like he wanted to finish and going to sleep. Doc Rivers where is the load management? On this month is useful, not in November. Morris sucks, every game makes stupidities, 2 games streak having technicals. And PG13 made nothing all the season. Wish they improve, already lost to Bucks, 76ers and now Celtics.

  88. harper firm

    essels.info/video/video/hrCXtJ2MsaSfzmiS.html games mad intense this bangs though

  89. Field Marshall of Swag - Conrad von Hotzendorf

    DAMN STEVEN 😂😂😂😂😂

  90. Vernan Jay Domingo

    I dont know if its editing or the announcer was terrible.

  91. Jackie Yo

    Gallo clutch 😎

  92. kieron Peterson

    CP3 the essence of a true leader who expected them to have a playoff spot this season. Just goes to show hero ball could never win a chip.#Goodluckjames 😂😂😂😂

  93. Lucio Marchini

    Grande Gallinari

  94. Samuel Mawusse N'gonou

    I can just say kemba walker and teamer are playing a serious game just to find how to continue for the NBA CHAMPION

  95. Akshay Chauhan

    Anyone know what song is playing in the back?

  96. Se Ufa

    Sorry that wasnt adams first 3. He hit one earlier this season..

    1. Afro Style

      Se Ufa pre season doesn’t count

  97. Ethan Condie

    Jazz win bost sucks

  98. Jay Cue

    Good game. From a Clippers's Leonard fan.