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  1. The Mad Rider

    Bravo... Riders.

  2. His Assholiness

    well done

  3. cristopher orellana matus


  4. Gordana Djerman


  5. Nawaf bin Hussian.

    Thank u Saudi Arabia for that 😍.

  6. Josh Britton

    What a hero ROSS BRANCH 🔥💪💪



  8. ZedNinetySix

    Thumbnail made me think I saw a dude in a wheelchair, for a second I was like "WAIT WHAT DAKAR IN WHEELCHAIRS!?"

  9. 3janm

    It's a good montage and all but not really a highlights video

  10. uthman alaseeri

    also 3:31 why did they did that

  11. uthman alaseeri

    2:26 insane race

  12. عمر الرشيدي

    Does any one know how many kilometers they traveled ياجماعه في احد يعرف كم قطعو مسافه؟

    1. عمر الرشيدي

      cawagoshy why not ?

    2. cawagoshy

      عمر الرشيدي no

  13. TNT Custom Garage

    Aún está muy presente en nuestras mentes el paso del Rally por tierras argentinas, por Maquinchao. Es increíble! Aguante el Dakar!

  14. Dilu C


  15. Mike D

    Now also Edwin Straver. Passed away after 8 days rip gone too soon. Doing what he loved.

  16. claudio marcelo Crisol

    Te despertás y te das cuenta q la pesadilla es la realidad... ja ja!

  17. افنان الظل

    مـيــــن🥰 يــرحب🥰 بــــي🥰 يــضـغط لايـــك🥰ويـراســــلنـــي خـــــاص واشـترك بـقـنـاتـــي واتـــساب*00212617581189*💋💋💋

  18. Rasam3

    why do you put imbecile music in the video? Dakar is not a disco

  19. Rsmtk Hlm

    رالي داكار انتهى كيف اليوم اعلنو عن وفاة سائق دراجه

  20. Role

    Rip Goncalves and RIP Edwin straver

  21. Optimist222

    R.I.P. Edwin Straver

  22. G0Dz

    2:52 I'm sure Speedy is still riding those beautiful dunes you know why?! Because *LEGENDS NEVER DIE* <3

  23. Agustin PM

    Ride in Peace Pablo and Edwin.😢

  24. jonathan Beck

    Rip Edwin

  25. RKFour ce

    Edwin Straver ( dutch) died after a crash Rest In Peace

  26. Dhimas CA

    I wait maybe only 5 seconds tributes for Gonçalves but I can't find it.

  27. Torben Andersen

    Will there be a version in English ??

  28. Fabricio González


  29. Manuel De Andrade Souto


  30. Manuel De Andrade Souto


  31. ana maria rivas teran


  32. Tyler Haines

    Epic! What a rally! What was that song playing at the end of the video? I need it

  33. m -

    Hope in an better country next year.

    1. cawagoshy

      m - butt hurt huh?



  35. Dany Windstorm

    DAKAR SPIRITS never dies, RIP Paulo...

  36. Sonic El Erizo

    Soy el único que piensa que el rally dakar antes la música que utilizaban en los vídeos era mejor que ahora

  37. vicente estrada

    Que pena un pilotazo descanza en paz Pablo Gonçalves

  38. Gaby Garcia de Barrientos

    Un emblemático competidor!! Dios bendiga enormemente a Toda su familia

  39. Luz Fernández

    Idolaaa!!! Laia🙌💪❤😍😍😍

  40. Le justicier Mercenaire

    Repose en paix Paulo ! 😓😓😓

  41. Jack Heltzel


  42. Mohd Rafi K V

    Great Dakar 2020...

  43. Mohd Rafi K V

    Great Dakar 2020...

  44. Mohd Rafi K V

    Great Dakar 2020...

  45. Mohd Rafi K V

    Great Dakar 2020...

  46. Ursus Kodiac

    КамАЗ - это бесспорный лидер!Маз всегда будет сосать у КамАЗа!

  47. Gabriel Alvarez


  48. Gerencia - ESTIL

    BUEN RALLY, pero queda la tristeza por fallecer de nuevo un competidor, así que como sugerencia, deben indagar y ajustar las medidas de seguridad para las motos, de hecho, utilizar un tipo de "airbag" que realmente proteja al piloto en caso de caída. El Rally Dakar es la mejor competencia del mundo, pero se queda atrás de todas por generar un cadáver cada año... por ello no se debería celebrar. Saludos desde Colombia.

  49. motoloverx15 l

    R.I.P. Paulo

  50. Cowboy Animal

    With the spirit of Dakar being lost when it was removed from africa due to the inability of the subhumans being able to be civilized and not attack drivers, the Dakar has moved onto other continents and continued its long tradition of showing favor to french contestants and high paying sponsors when it comes to trivial things such as logistics, politics and partiality.

  51. C A

    6:13 Alonso

  52. Rimas Sinkevicius

    one love <3

  53. Martini V8

    Awesome 😎 👏🏻

  54. Shiva Hazarika

    Rest in Peace

  55. Néo

    Repose en paix paulo 🙏

  56. Раббакс Текнолоджи

    ага, лучшие... и потому , кто хочет что купить хорошее, покупают мерседесы, ивеко, рено, вольво и всё такое... Лучшие в брехне, то да!!!

  57. rotor rover

    why why why have music

  58. bon que bon bar rock

    en etapas pasada comente que gana sainz por que no aposte fAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKK

  59. Carlos yo parrandero con el corazon Durango

    El kamaz 1.000 caballos de fuerza lo maximo me gusta el dakar

  60. Windsor & Epstein Babysitting Services

    The far left self righteous taliban have accused the Dakar rally of exploiting Africans, I kid you not.

  61. Leo Uratani


  62. David Fréhar Photos & Videos



    Rest in peace speedy

  64. Sándor Márkus

    Ride in peace Paulo! :(

  65. arjun

    Gud animasi

  66. Sigita K.

    You totaly suck. Media people come to create photo/video content for their financial supporters and you simply keep baning that information. You are thieves stealing the onboard idea and now baning everything else except yours which is appaling interms of content quality. You only destroy your reputation and interest in the event. Morons !!!!! Wake up!!!

  67. omar Aljbour

  68. Manel SM

    RIP speedy Gonçalves

  69. PathfinderCS

    Honestly, while the course could've been better served with harder navigation and more varied landscape, it was still a fun event to watch and a beautiful landscape to behold. Say what you will about the Saudi government (they deserve every bit of criticism), but the land itself and the native culture is still something good to experience in some fashion. Plenty of good people there and I think the rally will improve given another year or two!

  70. POST Mokia

    нет у камаза своих технологий. Если другие команды проверяют новые технические решения в тяжелых условиях ,то камаз - это чисто пропагандистский прожект. На самом камазе просто на мерсах переклеивают шильдики и добавляют зановесочки... РФ - страна придуманной пучхе историей и фей ковых достижений. В 2020 отберут последнее - пилотируемые запуски.. "Это позор какой-то",- сказал бы Швондер.

    1. Вася Васильев

      Ну эксперту виднее,безусловно.)))

  71. R_ MAN

    Rest in Piece Paulo Gonçalves. Um abraço e um até breve. 🙏

  72. marcos sanseloni

    q grande el matador

  73. Francois c

    Je suis paysan, j'adore la vitesse. Quand je vous vois je me dis "fait là bas et .................... " Votre alimentation vient de l'autre bout du monde. En France plus rien est possible. Le 80 est au placard, les pesticides interdit sont royalement homologué. Je suis paysan BIO et avec la bene-diction tout est BIO

  74. Heu aufdemBoden

    why is kamaz so good?

  75. Yuri Orlov

    They celebrate without sprinkles this time

  76. Christian Weise

    Buena por los Bolivianos lo ayudaron como pudieron

  77. Michael Parkinson

    0.45 I bet he "Al Shatti'd " himself going off that drop and crashing.

  78. Nestor Ritter

    Bien por Chile y latinoamerica

  79. omar Aljbour

  80. Paddy McQueen

    Not interested

  81. Bohus Knapík

    KamazMaladci 🇸🇰❤️🇷🇺🤝👏👍😀

  82. jonas elias pastrana

    qepd Paulo Concalbes :,v

  83. zizi Hans

    This sports is very dangerous

  84. Mauro Vilchestein

    ¿Algún peruano ganó una etapa al menos, en cualquier categoría? Era su territorio..

  85. Izom

    currie can am !! - hope for more companies- polaris-yamaha- honda- kawa..?!

  86. Izom

    more quads- more teams ! honda-canam- polaris...!?

  87. Izom

    super brabec !

  88. Jacob Brassard

    Please don't shill out and race in Saudi Arabia.

  89. Archemi

    Brutto non trovare la pista giusta!

  90. Abdul Aziz As Saif

    Congrats Ricky and Honda team 👏👏👏

  91. Abdul Aziz As Saif

    Good job Honda 👏👏👏 ❤️❤️

  92. Mario Silva

    Champion of the world off road enduro and one of the best riders on Dakar D.E.P

  93. Mario Silva

    Descansa em Paz Paulo Gonçalves vais fazes nos muito falta😥

  94. 哈文龙


  95. Alejo Romero

    Que locura tan apasionante.