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  1. ivette Vargas

    My ocd ass watching the video kissing scene:Unsanitary UNSANITARY!! Begining of the video"U FORGOT TO CLOSE THE DOOR YOUR GANNA GET KIDNAPPED and the worst part the bacteria from outside touched your door nob *falls

  2. Calijo Dolan

    “Have I don’t anything? Have I done anything at all?” That was cute and funny I’m screaming

  3. Bella Marino

    When Ethan sat down I knew it was a bad ass prank on Gray. 😂

  4. Ava Marie

    hit the likes button if u love grayson😭❤️ 💘💞🥰💗😖❤️🤩💍💕🙈🥴🤍🥶🖤

  5. Louie Thawley

    He has barkinsens desies

  6. Spencer Cain

    I love your "new " channel bros ! I went across country in 2.5 days with my fiance' . In a Honda insight it was awesome . Didn't run into harsh weather though went in summer time . In Colorado there was some snow but not too too bad . Wish you guys the best and a safe trip . Sorry you got pulled over ! Life always keeps you on your toes !

  7. Jane Hobby

    Omg they both looked the same!!!!!!!!!

  8. blurokoo chupqleu

    I. Miss. It. I took these vids for granted :/ They were all made to be best friends I wish they could just resolve anything that happened and come back with a surprise video

  9. Maja Andreasson

    16:13 Gray - this kinda hurts my nose. that alright? Eth - yeah just a little bitch 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Mollie Hope

    Aww there laughs are everything 😔🥺

  11. Ashley Jackson

    um i really hope you didn’t really throw your keys to your house .🤭🥶

  12. Gianni Ghazi

    Why the hell didn’t anyone make like grass flip flops!?!!!!?!!!???!!?!

    1. Gianni Ghazi


  13. Emma Caplin

    I know why those berries tasted disgusting to Ethan. I know because those berries grow in my backyard during the summertime. The reason they tasted gross to him is because he was eating them before they were ripe. Those berries are ripe when the are black/dark purple, and not ripe when they are green or red! That is why👍🏻

  14. Ariana Sosa

    I actually tried to do this but didn’t work

  15. Kamekolo

    *G O O P*

  16. kayla

    at 19 you should be working at some crappy paying job, as a pizza delivery person or a waitress, not carrying the weight of what so many people want you to become, so @DolanTwins, im sorry you feel like you have to act happy in all of your videos, you aren't some douchebags that are twins you guys help so many people and it sucks for all of your fans that you've feel you have to hide being angry or sad or just recovering from all that you've been through

  17. Brian Reilly

    There dumn in the good way

  18. Kenleigh Wagner

    OMFG😂😂😂😂😂 “If you’re having a real kinda party in the back ya know what I mean😏”

  19. J Camm

    How does molly put on her makeup lmao

  20. Julia Connor

    Ethan playing with the cat while everyone does the work is me 😂

  21. Autum Layne

    He just said dust queef

  22. Maja Nystøl

    1:30 Hi James!👋🏻

  23. Unicorn_lover

    James x ethan

  24. Lively Araba

    Their clothing styles are actually kinda fire!

  25. XxxCarisma xxX

    How do you turn a car to a home? 😱

  26. hau is doctor strange from super hero squad

    i want to take a shower in car wash

  27. Wenona Nugent

    Wow a tampon did he really not know ? Or am I just nuts ? Lmao. I admit those two where really calm about the dirty underwear thing . Cause I would have started cussing like a Russian sailor.

  28. JaKayla Ray

    Okay but like... why do the Dolan twins actually look beautiful

  29. Shante' Shorts

    This was uploaded on my 18th birthday

  30. Tommaso Pimpolari

    Emma’s reactions are pro

  31. Pretty Lourice

    I’d live there forever if it has wifi.

  32. Elise Sullivan

    I had no idea how hard there life was. Especially Grey, 😂😂. I honestly thought they were just some crazy ESselsr who sweared a lot.

  33. Libby Foxy

    omg when they both say i love you bro, jrays face.

  34. PAST 4L

    Ethan Falling on his face was the funniest thing ever 𝙥 𝙚 𝙧 𝙞 𝙤 𝙙 𝙩

  35. Kaja Sandberg

    I didn't know they were THIS chaotic and I love that

  36. Amber Morris

    Hydro flask!!! Grayson

  37. Yareli Rodriguez

    Save the turtles xD

  38. Brian Reilly

    James Charles has big lips like maranda sings Like if agree

  39. cheryl.bombshell


  40. Marissa Santiago

    grayson's face was so cute at 1:00

  41. bella grace

    16:20 omg the lie detector guy john literally laughed

  42. Nyla Hindel

    Why did Emma get so many more presents then the rest of them no hate though

  43. kimi lee gittins gittins

    "Do I have tampons up my nose?!" ~Grayson Dolan 2019

  44. Aaron Taylor

    If you subscribe to me then I’ll subscribe back ❤️❤️❤️

  45. Aarti Kaur

    Who’s watching this on the seventh December 2019

  46. Isaac Williams

    wheres grayson???

  47. XxLouuieeeXx

    Jeez Grayson is hung

  48. Brooklyn Meyer

    December 2019 anyone? Love the sister squad!! Miss them sm!!!!! ❤️💛

  49. Mya Dunn


  50. Elizabeth Adam

    2:55 it looks like Ethan’s giving birth🤭🤣

  51. Ëłïżåbēth Ëłłã Äñńē

    Gray: no I don’t have girlfriend. Me: I VOLUNTEER

  52. Razina Limpb


  53. bubbledoodles04

    hahahahah they added an extra nipple to grayson in his montage

  54. Manik Kamboj

    18:32 HAD MY DYING😂😂💀

  55. David Beckham

    She's such a diva

  56. Life line

    4:01 😂🤣🤣😂

  57. Add me cool_joseph115 all lowercase

    That’s so me and my brother I like building thing and my brother is lazy

  58. Elizabeth Adam

    Maddie: “Ethan you won’t actually throw up” Ethan: *throws up before meeting Santa*

  59. Kathleen leonardo

    Damn... That worm is so lucky...

  60. Authentic Caroline

    Water cycle? Who she

  61. a•berry•good•girl *

    I sense they have watched jennelles videos, I saw that biodegradable soap!! 😂

  62. KatieB B

    please another video of this

  63. Manik Kamboj

    They could’ve have took the strawberries off then eat the pizza but it would probably be freezing and stiff

  64. Elena 6.2


  65. Angela Is JuNgShooK

    Wait this is b4 i watched the video... but does that mean that u dint have a washroom?


    Who here in 2019 and they are dairy free??

  67. Tea Cvetanova

    They are so funny together 😂😆😆😂

  68. Kacie Thaine

    7:30Emmas face 😂

  69. NekoChains Drawz

    Onestly this was NOT funny to me I just herd Siri stuff I thought it was videos

  70. Trete Kinder

    She sees the 3 dead lights 😂

  71. Kapria Talley

    are da gay!?

  72. Lonny B

    Bro I was on Snapchat and realized that Grayson looks like nacho libre

  73. Raymond Smith

    I love how they can’t stand each other but can’t live without each other

  74. Kimmi Slime

    When the Dolan twins can’t think of any more original ideas so they resort to “Pretending” to be Ban Dwellers”. 😂

  75. Gaby Lopez

    22:29 was that meant to be dirty or its just my dirty minded ass

  76. champ reilly

    *14:23** my dream 😩*


    Go to slogoman and CDFLAMEGOD

  78. Micaela garcia

    It didn't last 1 year

  79. Jessica Adams

    Where is your mom grayson and eathan

  80. Chelsea Prince

    no one: not a soul: Ethan: is this anesthetic dairy free

  81. Jeremi Simatupank

    Operasi untuk apasih? Apa cuma aku org indo yg nnton dari awal sampai habis tapi gak ngerti? Wkwkkw

  82. Queen Fan

    i wonder when the mini Dolan twins come back ?

  83. I Feel Weird

    actually, those "girl eggs" do break because how do they let the sperm in if they don't?

  84. Shaholline Ballenger

    Are y'all planning on growing out your beards

  85. G M P

    You have to drink the water fast even if its warm if you wait or save it, the bacteria will come back and youll get sick

  86. Na Ru

    E: Strawberry pizza! G: STRAWBERRY PIZZA!!! E: This is NOT OKAY!!! G: THIS IS NOT CHILL!!! STRAWBERRY ON PIZZA E: Relax,,, Relax 🤣🤣🤣 . . . . **Ethan is literally me went things gone hype

  87. Snow Flake

    *Ethan* : no one wants to watch you suck honey off your fingers , seriously *Grayson* : i bet there's someone out there 😌 - well Gray you caught me 😂😂😂😂

  88. 143seuljk

    december 2019 anyone

  89. Xavier '

    When he said he sucked his tittie i died

  90. Luke Menard

    I have mesophonia

  91. Tia Christie

    No one: The dolans: let's go on a road trip across country in December

  92. Mar Mar Superstar

    i love how Ethan is giving good edvice and James is stabing a ham burger

  93. Ella Day

    was that cookie DaIrY fReE

  94. Erynn Stone

    Just close your eyes at 36:13 I'm sorry.

  95. NewLife51

    That pizza is full of cheese. I thought they couldn't do dairy???

  96. Amaya Montenegro

    I'm really sorry for your loss😭😢

  97. Yami Kawaii

    No one: Me: Looking at the dolan twins’ boxers

  98. Shauna Hennessy

    Is anyone here after the van tour vid? The people who light up everyone’s lives are happy now they are not stressing over Tuesday vids and they are living their lives to the fullest

    1. Shauna Hennessy

      I just can’t explain how proud of these guys I am

  99. Duygu Bayoglu

    This video is literally 3 years old but I still watch it once in a few months to laugh

  100. Googs Speed-builds