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  1. Robert Lust

    Me and my mates vs the zombie apocalypse is on Amazon if you still want a show to watch

  2. Applico

    Whoa, so much for airlines enforcing social distancing and spacing out passengers 🤷🏼‍♂️✈️

  3. C.V. Rajendra

    You gotta home quarantine for seven days... just saying

  4. Robert Lust

    Lazy millenials

  5. Ver Starr

    Hi Kathleen!!! Quick turnaround on this video and sounds like it was nice safe flight

  6. ppjskh

    Wait, are airports and cities opening up now? I'm still not gonna leave my house though.

    1. g8[

      Airports never shut down?

  7. Joey Cohen

    Still 3 to a row is too tight for Covid. It’s insane

  8. S Ash

    200k net in SoCal

  9. C.V. Rajendra

    msg me ur address girl, I send N95 mask for you

  10. Foxygirl646

    200-300K a year would give me all the options I need in Texas 💖

  11. Ngozi E

    Shocking to see how full the flight was and no spacing in the airplane

  12. Alex Moneton

    Why is it that all women sit on the floor when they are packing?

    1. RS D

      Men don't? What do you do instead?

  13. Ngozi E

    Can you do a video on the effort to build back tourism? Mexico is offering to pay people to travel to Cancun . Also Iceland is requiring covid testing when landed. I would love more information on this!

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    Lets be friends

  15. Cam

    Graduated high school in 2008 and now from my undergrad in a few weeks. My timing is impeccable

  16. Kaye

    loved it

  17. RimtheBeast


  18. Rayan Sharara

    That guy talkimg should be a preacher, he talks with absolute confidence about things that he knows nothing about

  19. Inferno361

    It’s weird how many people are worshipping a billionaire.

  20. Peter

    Was hoping for What It's Like Being a Dog, instead its complainers. Live within your means, save your money, budget, stop eating out.

  21. YoLo Videos

    making youtube vids saving 99% no overhead

  22. Sakinah Quintanilla

    Truly inspiring 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  23. DeAndre Mylove

    I understand that guy wants to be more "normal" but he didn't have to get a mortgage if he didn't have one before.

  24. Noteworthy Exotics

    This guy is gonna wake up one day when he’s 70 with 10s of millions and wish he spent more instead of being so frugal about everything

  25. ana lyna

    The first girl is a liar!! She works for Yelp and have no problem spend money to do plastic surgeries. There is a video about it on Vice uploaded 4 months ago

  26. Vu Nguyen Duc Anh

    Men: perfect salary 80k-100k Women: perfect salary 200k-350k No wonder rich men are more attractive

  27. Alvaro Apolinar

    he is like 4 " 9"

  28. mark espinoza

    Y’all please pay y’all bills with this “ I don’t care about money mentality “ y’all go talk to y’all land lords “ just chill money doesn’t make you happy “ lmao at the end of day money runs the world if you like or not.

  29. goWise Languages

    Im coming from the future to tell y'all won't have a choice in the near future lol

  30. Frank V

    Tell these st*pid people in nyc and sf over paying for real estate. The tech people are the most idiotic buyers.

  31. nica

    inspirational, beautiful, smart. ❤️

  32. tenelevensixteen

    This guy is hilarious 😂🔥❤️

  33. D Washington

    Money provides security and no decisions between wants vs needs, but can’t buy you time with family and loved ones. Material things give instant gratification with perception of happiness. At the end of life, what’s more worth it?

  34. Tyler A

    When you’re alone and they say usually you do experiences with other people... oof haha

  35. Zach H

    This dude still around? He killed someone on a boat.

  36. Mike B

    If it takes working 15 hour days, I'll take the modest life and enjoy my free time. But to each his own. Still a lot to learn from this guy. Sidenote: why do you need 25 suits if they're all the same??

  37. SweetSavvy

    Crocs are so ugly! They only look cute on babies & toddlers. If you have one you have very tacky taste in fashion. High school kids needs to stop thinking they look cute cause they really don’t.

  38. theowest

    woo! Go Oatly!

  39. edgar

    I’ve used crocs since 2005

    1. edgar

      Now I’m going to stop wearing them after watching this video

  40. VelvetRose

    fk this. make me a billionaire

  41. Photo Booth Start Up

    You don’t need any money to be happy but I find im most comfortable making 300k a year

  42. Mac Below

    Watched this as the 1.6m views was here

  43. Zane Sampson

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  44. face2much

    The Gray is really what makes him look old, I gotta friend who went gray at 26, but still has a full head of hair. Seems like a nice guy, and he’s getting after it, can’t be mad at that. Doesn’t understand the power of money tho

  45. Jo Lib

    If you are rich you can afford to have the low paying job you enjoy with the social life you want and the group of friends you bond with, without stressing about the future, but if you are not, you will eventually sacrifice the job you like and social life you have for a higher paying job that you hate otherwise you will surely end up in a miserable condition at old age.

  46. Heraldo Medrano

    Weak military.

  47. Jo Lib

    Video : you can be lonely on top Dan Bilzerian : HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, ok whatever

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  49. Brandon

    To me, an all cash bid means you can buy the home with your own cash and that you don’t require financing.

  50. Shaun Vargas

    I grew up middle class, and I worked and was middle class and I was happy making about 60k a year.. now in my 30's my husband and I make less than 20k per year and I can assure you being Middle Class makes you happy.. I didn't dream of more I didn't want more when I was making about 60k living in Kentucky, I felt I was able to do whatever I wanted, I didn't care about the bigger house the bigger car I had a new car I paid off I still own my home, which is why I'm not homeless now.. so you're stupid this video is stupid! and I never dreamed about being a millionaire nor billionaire I just want to be comfortable and never worry about losing electric or basic needs!

  51. MattP1K

    Shout out Iowa

  52. Justyna P

    Fun fact: the codes on the board are in Python.

  53. Mara L

    Trader Joe's isn't as cheap as people think it is. It's just MUCH cheaper than Whole Foods. Discount grocery stores are cheaper. The value provided for the price is fantastic though.

  54. Josh Cortez Music

    A bunch of people hating 😂

  55. Jon Htin

    Why do these videos feel like they’ve been slowed down very slightly?

  56. Twisted Pixel

    I live 11 miles from work and there's no uber anywhere near me. Even if there were, I'd have to pay to have stuff hauled off and delivered when I have to replace something in my house. A car/truck is still very necessary for many of us that don't live in New York or L.A.

  57. Generalsaurkraut

    Can almost guarantee she affirmative actioned her way into free college. Can’t’ be too bright if you buy a 40k car for yourself as a “graduation gift.”

  58. george harris

    Me trying not to make a joke about rare steak

  59. Prosera Startup Solutions

    How much money does it take to be happy? More lol

  60. Walker Firmin

    Mc Donalds is not a treat 🤮

  61. Adam Kershaw

    Not making any rent this year, so smart to save for a rainy day.

  62. Exiled Man

    Smart guy.

  63. Phantom Warrior

    "money doesn't buy happiness" is a quote too often told by wealthy folks who have a lot of money. but in reality money is a tool that if you have it and manage it well, will have less stress in life and thus will be happy.

  64. Justmylukc

    everyone wants more than they have , no one is ever happy. I always tell myself i want to have enough money that i wont worry about losing my job, but im not sure that is the truth.

  65. Monty D'Souza

    I know him from jubilee

  66. Mara L

    What an amazing couple! I am rooting for them!

  67. Jonathan Young

    This is how the rich stay rich

  68. Fix News

    What a disgusting human being.

  69. Silver Boomer

    ummmm. side hustles etc. means you will be making more than 70K.. so this is CLICKBAIT

  70. Dyler Turden

    rich and upper class telling us money doesn't make happy so u dont try getting ur share they have.

  71. No Sleep engineering

    I think my dad makes about 300K+ a year and he’s happy. But his work schedule is flexible and finical worries are zero. But he also doesn’t buy things that’s not needed like designer stuff and so on.

  72. Mariah1034

    I thought this guy was going to be bad with his money and Kevin was about to just roast him. Good for this guy to be smart with his money!

  73. Alphonse Capone

    UPDATE: Covid-19 and 2020 property collapse video - "How I now live on $15,000 a year".

  74. Palani A.Subramaniam

    Ma'am you are my Sifu.

  75. mike edwards

    Great video, I love Musk and NDT, both positive influencers on society

  76. C J

    This is disgusting. People are dying and they're looking to profit from it. Credit cards to pay your rent? Really dude? $200 is not a reward versus $1000 debt during these times. And those people making more than their usual salary? Yeah, only until the end of July you goober. This blatant greed just disgusts me.

  77. Gilles le Breton

    "They would delay the birth of their children" Press x to doubt

  78. hF_spektrum

    self control people, it's not that hard. I don't know how people go three to four times a week. I go once a month for all my groceries.

  79. Александр К

    Новая навязанная религия для бедных от богатых: "Большой доход не делает тебя счастливым", чтобы убедить рабочих, что они сами захотели работать за меньшую зарплату, чтобы быть счастливыми))) Весь мир- обман и манипуляция людьми.

  80. Michael Smith

    "pretty good income" i love how fast humans can adjust their lifestyle around their income so theyre always wanting more

  81. c carville

    Issue is corporations don't need thinkers anymore. They can just payroll some politicians to get ahead.

  82. Serious Cat

    I'm curious what will happen if this video was shown to all VC and company Founders on Shark Tank. How will they react? All they said were having "american dream" and sell all their products with ridiculuous margins. In essence having more money = dream happiness achieved.

  83. des2018

    Not sure if money can buy happyness but it can buy everything else

  84. Isaac Thomas

    People who say “money doesn’t buy happiness”..... Clearly don’t know where to shop 😝

  85. Emanuel Guzman-Garcia

    Honestly, I don't know why they have Kevin reacting to these videos. His lifestlye and income is WAY different and on an entire different level than what he reacts to. Most of his tips are things that work for him because of his high income and literally dispensable money. Dude says "DON'T OWN A CAR", like ok, we don't all have $1000 dollars a day lying around to uber everywhere or a chauffeur to take us everywhere, also, we live where we can drive our cars, not like you in new york. This is all propaganda for their Shark Tank sow, I say put someone else on to react to these expenses.

  86. Triyono Hendry

    Happiness will not be long. If Finland and Denmark accept immigrant from Islamic countries. It will change social and culture.

  87. Christel Jane b

    First house is definitely real BATMAN house


    I love freedom

  89. Chuckie17

    Try living in Nebraska without a car. Not going to get far.


    Whos watching this on 1,6M views?

  91. BaltzerBoy

    For me, it’s not even the amount of money. It’s more about what I’m doing with my time to earn that money. So if I’m making tonnes of money but I hate the job, then I actually would rather get paid less doing what I want with my time. Of course, I’d like to make enough to have my basic needs, which really isn’t a lot. A roof over my head, enough food and being able to do things I like. That’s enough. So whatever that amount is for you, that’s your perfect salary.

  92. Max Troy

    They don't make much but they look a lot happier than others on Millenial Money claiming to make so much more. Beautiful people.

  93. reakwon

    Glad to see a bit of an antithesis to the Graham Stephan vibe

  94. Intelligenkeit

    while people are hungry, homeless or working full time and get like nothing for it, we look at people who have 10 houses millions or billions in the bank and buy islands, not talking about this guy specificly, but you get the point, interesting system we live in.

  95. Dane Hanscom

    Welcome to the real world. Get in line, you are not special. Life is hard, get more skills.

  96. Spencer Bukosky

    I agree with the once in a while buying a nice thing that will last you a lifetime

  97. Francis Duplayna

    This dood is literally saitama

  98. Berhane Mesfun

    It can not be said any better. This is as ultimate as it can get. Sucsess and more sucsess to Elon as it is a huge stride for humanity. Elon is not about penneys or apps. That is for ordinary mortals not for Elon whose vision is far beyond the Sun.

  99. Shikhar Jaiswal

    Concise, to the point and short. Exactly how a finance video should be made.

  100. Paul's Vlog

    this video was 100% made by 75k a year people... "People that say money can't buy happiness, Ain't ever had money"