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  1. Yue Li

    I've never seen Louis in a plaid shirt ever since

  2. asaf shuhendller


  3. 0000 0000

    Well I miss this !!!🥺

  4. Gulaman Gospel

    Did they say Abby and Lisa or Twiddledee and Twiddledum?

  5. Maria Rosa Sisa Sentis

    Hablas español Mary?

  6. Maria Rosa Sisa Sentis

    Hablas español?

  7. Fatim Fofana

    I showed this to my dad and he- well I'm not going to say 😶😒😨💀

  8. audrey deleforge

    I like Simon' Cowell's face when there is the "Yes, Yes, Yes" He already knows that the worst will come. Poor Shayne Ward.. The original version of this song is beautiful but these two girls killed it completely.

  9. Andrea Borges

    Niall was just vibing and chilling on stage AaahHaa

  10. Charlize Martinez

    Anyone else want kiss him Me: I want

  11. Mariel Kraakman

    did anyone notice how they spelled zayn's name wrong at 0:55

  12. Amanda Caballero

    Oigan, quién los maquilló?

  13. Ruby Morgan

    I will be very disappointed if this isn't on spotify

  14. Caroline

    I need all of them to react to this ahabahaha

  15. Engi’s here

    I was already laughing before I clicked because I already knew what was about to go down

  16. Antje Vermeersch


  17. Louna Willer

    Could this be harry's year? Hell YEAH.

  18. Eliane Bernet

    Nobody: Realy nobody: Niall: ahhh ahhh

  19. Laura Zaldivar

    Two of my favorite things. One Direction and Grey's Anatomy

  20. joanna kezia

    Can we appreciate how Niall is truly happy to be in the band

  21. Tahmedur Rahman

    You know after that, do they still show their faces in public? Can they actually manage it? 😂😂😂

  22. ada needs1dback

    and he did it and he made it

  23. Redcat

    I do not like the song but he's damn good!!! And the jury are like a bunch of children. "I don't like your head or hair whatever"STUPID


    _Michael Jackson came back from the dead just to kill himself again._

  25. Александра Королева

    Я здесь одна русская!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Emily Marlow

    you CANNOT tell me the zayn wasn’t serving looks in this.

  27. Sophia patrociñio

    1:43 who is harry carrying?its not louis btw because louis is beside harry count them 3infront and 2 at the back plus the one harry is carrying for a total of 6

  28. cesya Permata

    i'm here just to see Niall sing 'aaaaah'

  29. Bekky Lou

    Can we please have this Louis back :(

  30. zurria sand hose

    nobody: my head: *"oH I rEaLLy hATe ChA rIGht noW!"*

  31. piya

    and to think these boys were the *biggest* band ever a few years ago

    1. piya

      WE STAN

  32. anne with an e

    his cute smile at 3:24 ♡

  33. SWSimpson

    So many people can sing that song incredibly well and that was nice, but it was not incredible. Not stunning. I started getting bored because I kept waiting for some strength and power in her voice and, at a great place to let it out, she hit the note in her upper register and soft. It just didn't move me and I love this song... It could have been so much better.

  34. renah

    this memory was so far back in my head

  35. Bri Girl

    soul: snatched jaw: on the floor Body: covered in goosebumps this is the hundredth time I've seen this and it never gets old💖

  36. Savitha Ganesh


  37. asya raina aurellia


  38. Valeria Rodríguez


  39. sasha abner

    This hits different at 2am

  40. Lechuga Regina


  41. goodnight n' go

    damn. he sings GOOD

  42. Maria

    If only knew how big they’d get-best boyband to walk the earth.. I miss my boys ;( ♡

  43. juli de lio


  44. Muriel Mena

    niall is killing me

  45. Muriel Mena

    this is too mucho for my heart

  46. Sarah Kamal

    I can’t imagine Harry being a lawyer

  47. NurseZhivago

    UH. MAZ. ANNG!!

  48. Jess Jess Row Row

    Louis Walsh with brown hair is just something else 😂

  49. Alice Mowlam

    Zayn: we need to act normal Louis: my pants are lit Harry: I need to act serious Liam: I look like Justin Bieber Niall: let’s hype up the crowd

  50. Dave Rennix

    How Matt Cardle beat these 2 to win is beyond me

  51. TheApexLion

    Haha one is singing, and the other one doesn’t even know the words 😂 just made it up on the spot 😂😂😂 miss the old X factor and people who behave like this in there. People like this is what makes it great + the singing!

  52. morrisonien

    This is enough embarrassment for the next 1000 years for them and their future offsprings

  53. Ella

    Friendship has left the chat

  54. Mary Brant

    Rebecca have a beautiful voice so different.

  55. David Hannon

    Correction it was 11 years ago

  56. psycho Girl

    Ay dounow 😂😂😂

  57. sxhun bignxse

    teacher: you'll be working in groups but grade is individually my group: *divides the work* the result: 2:43

  58. Riaah Agarwal

    I searched "Niall ahhh" and this came up I can't stop laughing

    1. Riaah Agarwal


  59. Natalia Lolo

    Did it say that she’s a mum ?

  60. Ferne Apsley-Jones

    Someone give niall his guitar back 😂

  61. Philihp1012

    It looks like they met out of the building one hour before their audition and decided to join together after a couple of rehearsals. The truth is they desperately need a holistic vocal coach. Better a generalist.

  62. Katy S.

    name a more iconic audition lol

  63. Kayla Zahwa

    Niall just like aaaaa lmao why am i laughing

  64. Pamthingla Chithung

    It's alredy 9year old performance but still cherish even in 2020 and everyone still love it,how much they were young bck then

  65. Muhd Farhan

    Thank god she fix her eye brows

  66. Ma. Agustina Raymundo

    It's 2020 and we're waiting for the comeback. 😊

  67. What even

    And thus my childhood was born 😭💛

  68. Harry Styles Fan

    Harry and Niall hit different

  69. tally s

    no one: not even a single soul: not even louis: niall: aAaAaAAAaaaA💁‍♂️💁‍♂️💁‍♂️

  70. Marj Cbdg


  71. Tuntematon

    **me cant remember the name of this video** Me searching : Niall only singing aaaaaaaaa

  72. Trường Hải


  73. ShArK AtTaCk

    I just came for 100percent hotter

  74. Plotto FG

    Abby and Lisa were soooooooo bad

  75. Jack Dean

    Who even was judge that they didn’t know

  76. TPWK _HS

    Awwww I have never seen cute little vampire

  77. Zesika Wany

    Omg Niall hahahaha hahahaha I can't stop hahahaha I'm sorry

  78. Zesika Wany

    Ok I can't stop laughing hahaha they are so cute😂

  79. Jarik Ngaosi

    Who still watching this during quarantine 🤔❤️ I love Niall

  80. Shollo Waqatabu

    She just made me think of Aretha Franklin while listening to her soulful voice 🤩

  81. Lint sley

    everyone = sing the song niall = aaaAaaAaAHHHHhhh *just made my day*

  82. The Keen Vloggers

    How did Harry only get 2 years but Louis got 3

  83. Erin Yilmaz

    he could’ve been the 6th 1D member...

  84. PewdsArmy

    This is why I love British people

  85. PewdsArmy

    4:37 shoutout to the crew who put this song as the background. Fits the whole scene perfectly😂😂

  86. PewdsArmy

    The fact that this video got 140M+ views is soo wholesome

  87. Classic Car Fanatic

    As you can see, they have a strong, unbreakable friendship.

  88. Marly Navas

    Voy a llorar

  89. Ashley Seaboyer

    Aww they loved him back then💜

  90. Ashley Seaboyer

    EAT YOUR WORDS JUDGES😂😂😂 (except simon he was right)

  91. Ashley Seaboyer

    I wish I was friends with him before he got famous

  92. Ashley Seaboyer

    Ahhh he lost his accent😂💜

  93. Myles Matisse

    Mark Owen should have this look now. The long hair and mustache isn't working as well

  94. St3vEn BaDu

    Did they autotune her voice her aswell?!

  95. St3vEn BaDu

    Gamu was moved to Scotland when she wea just 4 hence her Scottish accent

  96. cece cece

    look me in the eyes and tell you can watch the whole vid without feeling 2nd hand embarrassment. dont get me wrong i love them ahah

  97. Biah L.F

    For me young Harry Styles and young Leo are the most beatiful guys ever

  98. Pipe Karmona


  99. Dance DynamiX

    Is no one gonna mention about she slept round her house for the whole week?..... I mean, how cool is that!!

  100. One direction stannn One direction stannn

    I am still watching this in 2020