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  1. Bryan Rogers

    Joe Buck has to be the most boring commentator. No energy whatsoever, I get bored of games bc of him.

  2. B

    Dak sucks

  3. joe harris

    Giants eagles and cowboys..bubblegum pop corn teams..smh 6 and 7 team in first place

  4. Heavens to Murgatroyd

    With his money you'd think he could get shirts that fit........or a quarterback, coach, wideouts.....yikes

  5. G M G

    Man when I see this highlight all I do is yawn I mean it was against the cowboys that’s great and all but why is this such a magical play ?

  6. Desmond Kaczynski

    All of her predicted games are by 1

  7. Louis Payan

    What an Idiot he kept calling him adrian hernandez

  8. Mpcoolgamer 1221

    Look it us now San Francisco 49ers 3-13 ya right

  9. Yos_hi

    Did he just say he questions Jim Kelly's coaching ability

  10. Robbie Frentz

    Tony romo in an interview said he would throw to bryant even if he wasn’t open because he knew that if bryant didn’t catch it dez would make sure no one would catch it

  11. Vaneta Official

    Dear Rams, Please destroy the Seahawks. That's all I want for Christmas. Sincerely, Niners fan

  12. Tloubih

    At this point I can't even defend my team they fucccccin up lmfaooo

  13. Zandrew Gaming

    I'm pretty sure that Wilson isn't a Super Bowl MVP

  14. Harry Phan

    Can someone tell me how football work

  15. AA Gaming

    Sorry i meant cousin

  16. AA Gaming

    Wendell Smallwood is my friends coisin

  17. Purple Gamer

    Seahawks fake punt is their “best” play of week 13 when they fumbled the ball a few plays later. What about David Moore’s 60 yard TD?

  18. Doctor Strange

    I wish Steelers would play like this now :(

  19. wumbodumbo


  20. Zack Vogel

    Trubisky really be the afc lamar jackson

  21. Karim Batista

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  22. Sean Lutke

    Why couldn’t the broncos’ player block downfield on that screen pass? I thought anyone on offense can block anywhere on the field during a screen pass that doesn’t cross the line of scrimmage in the air. Just curious

  23. Noah Kilborn

    Cowboys are trash who else agrees

  24. Dakota Mcree

    Drinking game: Take a shot every time Dallas misses a Tackle

  25. Google User

    I love Flores. I love Fitzmagic and I Love the Dolphins! ... jets crash and burn again.............. Dolphins 27 jets 20

  26. DEN BAC

    18 +


    Cynthia you don’t even. Know anything about football

  28. Special K

    ' the cowboys win the toss and take the ball..' because they didnt want to forget their gameplan

  29. Clint Richardson

    The model is flawed.

  30. ghostpine

    JJ ,Trump lover and white supremacist

  31. Small Town Called None Your Fuckin Business

    Long as Garrett is the puppet head coach and Jones just be the owner and not coach my Cowboys are always going to do what they do best give games away with sorry ass defense missed tackles Prescott needs to train all year in off season on his passing accuracy and execution were is Jimmy Johnson We Need Him Back ASAP 45 YEAR OLD LOYAL FRUSTRATED COWBOYS FAN DC4L

  32. Yesenia Ramos


  33. HELI0_Z

    My model predicts Russell Wilson to throw for -97652 touchdowns, 10737338 interceptions, 1 yard, and have a 0.3 completion percentage

  34. Ron


  35. Dee Cee

    I can't believe Dak turning down contracts playing like this...the only thing he proving is that he's not worth the first offer

  36. Bethel Kebede

    Micah Hyde said americas team my ass 😭

  37. Bangali Sanoh

    Trubisky out here playing like LJ8

  38. p.mac

    Beckham with the absolutely terrible misses in the NFL

  39. Anastasiia Ostapenko

    Xirkus Lagendary Lady Gaga

  40. Mike M

    Hey Jerryiatric, Still favor Brady's suspension?

  41. YT_Keno 123

    I'm a Hawks fan but I think 49ers are gonna win, as much as I want the 49ers to lose Vs Saints. Predictions: 49ers: 35 Saints: 31 Hope I'm wrong!

  42. the business handler

    Mariota was terrible

  43. Sherry Bellan

    Browns fans were super cocky but Steelers pulled it off for the 7th win Steelers take this game 24-20

  44. GojiFan1999

    Why don’t people understand that power rankings do not equal the standings

  45. Salvador Lopez

    big win steelers nation lets go do it again sunday..

  46. the business handler

    I always thought he was ok

  47. Patriots 4life

    Rams win 34-31

  48. Andrew Schuchert

    this game mad me mad !!!!

  49. Michael Angelo


  50. Suplex Beast

    The Best Superbowl Ever!!!

  51. Patriots 4life

    49ers win 35-28

  52. Joshua Ommen

    Dallas should not be in the playoffs so sad. LA Rams deserve it more than Dallas

  53. Arnold Broussard

    Jason Garrett has to go ..ASAP

  54. Soviet Dog

    bruh at 2:00 now that i see that it should have been a penalty. totally un called for

  55. Brianna Mendiola

    I love the Bears I’m so happy they won the Cowboys totally suck

  56. Jason Claunch

    1:12 didn’t even realize there was an uncalled chop block.

  57. Selltowitz

    Finally some fakes again! 😁🤘🏼

  58. Dirty Thoughts

    when the cowgirls lose.... everyone wins

  59. SageAir13

    Surprised at the lack of comments for Holtz. Dude is a mini gronk. A good edition to the 2019 bears offense we needed a spark in the tight end slot. The team isnt the shocker it was last year but the offense is still getting scarier by the play. Patterson, holtz and Miller are amazing

  60. Dale Chawkins

    If Bears can win the next 3, it would be an amazing turn around. Tall order, though (Chiefs, Packers, Vikings).

  61. James Lee-South

    He's only one game off with the Seahawks, now at 10-2. And the Bengals prediction is still completely accurate.

  62. Oscar Birch

    Jerry's Kids the football Games

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  64. dark_Patriot 172

    Not a bills fan but cmon bills i dont like the ravens

    1. Mathew Lagueux

      You don't like them cuz they're a threat to you

  65. Why Not

    Let’s go redskins -eagles and cowboys

  66. Predator The Biblical Alien God

    😂 look at those Bears' striped Pippy Long Stockings

  67. Red Head Dude

    Id rather watch the jags lose with minshew than win with foles. *Respect the stache*

  68. wfmikeie

    "And that's how you lose balls games" *Cowboys snap the ball*

  69. swevon king

    I love it when y'all Talking Heads do not back Ravens I love it.. ravens all day 35 - 14

  70. Paul Third

    Called Russell Wilson. "The battle tested superbowl MVP" But not an MVP and hasn't won a playoff game since LOB broke up.

  71. Mostwantedjk

    Eagles fan we lost 3 in row wtf wentz Cowboys wtf we lost to the bears df dak Playoffs: 😂 😤✌🏾🤦🏾‍♂️😩🤔

    1. Chief Joe S. Wiggum In Donuts We Trust

      yo, dak's whack

  72. Timothy Szabo

    This is it. Winner goes to the Super Bowl. Score is tied. 30 seconds left in the game. You still have three timeouts left. It's third down. In the huddle, you have the best deep threat receiver in NFL history that can regularly catch passes in TRIPLE coverage and another receiver with the best hands since Lynn Swann. You have the ball, a free down and enough time to take another shot downfield. You control your own destiny...... what do you do??? Well, you take a knee, of course. The fans knew that was a critical mistake- that's why they were booing. After that tremendous comeback from the Falcons, Denny Green was happy to settle with a tie and go into overtime. A better coach would not have given up and would have would have tried one last time to get in field goal range. Why not? What do you POSSIBLY have to lose? An incomplete pass? Was Denny afraid of throwing an interception and turning the ball over on the opponent's 10 yard line, leaving the Falcons with the ball 90 yards away with 15 seconds and no timouts left? Denny had a fantastic team and he was a really good coach. But with a 4-win, 8-loss record in the playoffs, he will never be remembered as one of the best. The team had all the talent in the world but never seemed to be able to win the ones that really mattered. Absolute classic game though. Glad to see it online.

  73. lawrence hill

    I believe in a victory season!

  74. Ice X

    Where's all the love for Rudolph now? 😂😂😂

  75. Mandy Hardwick

    Wow Aaron Rodgers is good! He's my favorite football player

  76. Liberal Rod

    Steelers 30-21

  77. ice

    Harrison butker is the best fg player. So he better make them go into over time.. or something chiefs have a good chance of winning.

  78. Deiradinn Draven

    Just once, once, I'd like to see the Titans win a Superbowl.

  79. Logan Simpson

    Kyler Murray is a joke in the NFL

  80. Survival


  81. lawrence hill


  82. Callum Mackay

    Prescott is the best QB at the moment - cowboys fan 😂 Russle Wilson is the best -me Seahawk’s fan

  83. Green Peanuts

    Cardinals 27 Steelers 24

  84. Faithful Cute

    What makes this bitter sweet for eagles fans is that we just lost to Miami but at least they won against buffalo and Chicago 💀

  85. Deaven Snyder

    That kick 🤣

  86. Life style studio

    Beautiful game🤗, subscribe on my channel for other stuff around world

  87. Eric Brocko2020

    Going to the game this Sunday the niners ain’t ready for the dome

  88. Ranesha Brown

    That's the problem people keep sleeping on the Buffalo bills and this is coming from a Chiefs fan the Ravens need this lost because people need to know at any given Sunday you can loose no matter how good you are! And this is where I see Buffalo bills prepare for a win!

  89. 300game

    I'm embarrassed to be a Cowboy fan after the last couple weeks

  90. Yeet Memes

    Da bears!!! Good for mitch he's showing that he's capable of being a athlete.

  91. ice

    Who is. Excited for chiefs vs patriots

  92. Multibon Media

    I wonder if they won this because they decided not to listen to the coach

  93. Oliver Lacey

    I appreciate that Nagy has started to use Trubisky's athletic abilities vs continuing to suppressing it. 🐻⬇️

  94. Matt M

    I mean honestly though why are people so surprised? They had the same record going in and the only people who ever think that the Cowboys are actually good are the Cowboys. They suck

  95. victor the gucci

    Y didn’t they just give the ball to lynch

  96. Đaewolf

    Those bears uniforms are trash...

  97. Carlos Chavez

    Everybody and there momma know that if Lamar didnt run like that niners would of smashed the ravens

  98. KnightsOfTheWicked-PS4

    Cowgirls are traasshhh.

  99. Brian Gallagher

    I know the season is almost over but here’s my predictions on the nfc south: Saints: 13-3 Buccaneers: 7-9 Panthers: 6-10 Falcons: 5-11 Now NFC north: Packers: 11-5 Vikings: 10-6 Bears: 9-7 Lions: 4-11-1 NFC west: Seahawks: 13-3 49ers: 12-4 Rams: 9-7 Cardinals 5-10-1 NFC east: Cowboys: 8-8 Eagles: 7-9 Redskins: 5-11 Giants: 3-13 AFC south: Texans: 11-5 Colts: 8-8 Titans: 8-8 Jaguars: 6-10 AFC north: Ravens: 14-2 Steelers: 10-6 Browns: 6-10 Bengals: 2-14 AFC west: Chiefs: 11-5 Raiders: 7-9 Chargers: 5-11 Broncos: 5-11 AFC east: Patriots: 13-3 Bills: 12-4 Jets: 8-8 Dolphins: 5-11

  100. Alex Huber

    Finally they let trubisky play the way he wants instead of making him focus on being a passer. He was comfortable last night and look how he played