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  1. Lester Ipapo

    1:57 Hope that bird is alright!

  2. Like Mike

    This is way better than ESsels Rewind :)

  3. Tashwin Bailey

    Smoooooth operator

  4. Hong Cheng Lam

    0:09 Make a big salute for these two giant who pay a lot for the motorsport.

  5. cosmic ray

    What Palmer ? Robert Palmer ?

  6. Thyrone de Wildt

    Yeasss Olav reps the Dutch very GOOD KEEP GOING OLAV !!!!!!

  7. rien smeets

    what if the calender was actually sorted to go in a logical order not go from south to west to south to east to south to west....

  8. Jorem Rose

    Did they forget to beep out a "fuck" at 4:18 or did I mishear?

  9. Haciel Beltran


  10. therealG

    “Smooth operator” 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Adrian Santos

    Norris: "It's Bwoken! It's BWOKEN!"

  12. Highteenx3

    The sea gave it away

  13. SCCP_ Luizinho

    Please music ????

  14. sadiq kadhem

    ESsels rewind 2019:French Gp F1 rewind 2019:German Gp Btw, I'm Mercedes supporter, but I accept the facts

  15. South Coast Level Crossings

    Why are half the trophies made of bent squiggles of pipe?

  16. UnslaveHumanity

    8:10 & 54:30 Max Verstappen looking good in Tuxedo :)

  17. MisterChef117

    Lance Stroll is dead to me if he is a Giants fan.

  18. Contrariando Contra


  19. W Schwarz

    Why does it say DNS for Mercedes?

  20. marcel helder

    The whole thing was a mess. So many things were not wel prepared.

  21. rien smeets

    never expected to hear my dutch commentators on the f1 youtube channel

  22. Kádár János

    I hope next season is going to be better because I'm loosing interest with the Mercs dominating every year.

  23. Cameron Kirk

    Better than the actual ESsels rewind

  24. Timo janssen

    F1: *is American* Most used commentator: olaf mol

  25. BavarianCraft

    Simply epic

  26. Paul McDonald

    Old European white guys.

  27. Зелёный Слоник

    В таком костюме только шампанское подносить

  28. eudofia

    Is it me, or some of the trophies look like some weird contraptions.

  29. Nightdream9772

    1:56 Press F to pay respects

  30. Ricco de Oliveira

    where is kimi? party without kimi is not party

  31. prem concesso

    Kimiiii :/

  32. Danil Kitzov

    Win from Hulkenberg : yes

  33. GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)

    I wish we could have seen her smiling and laughing.

  34. Will Vine

    What is this opera shit ?

  35. Muhammad Rafi Rafi

    0.31 the best moments of course

  36. Nick Acton

    What a stupid production!!! Thanks for showing 100% of the music interlude but only a portion of the actual award ceremony. That's sarcasm if it didn't hit you in the face already!

  37. Anglo Fire

    Yeah we can't wait for another year of this utter parade that used to be a serious motor racing event. Seriously more interesting to watch two blokes on a building site race wheelbarrows than this crap.

  38. GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)

    That Williams joke though.

  39. Francois Thomas

    Why is Mercedes DNS in the Grill The Grid standings ?

  40. ark13700

    The halo looks nice

  41. Thorn

    the only good rewind

  42. I just asked A.Einstein to hold my Monster Energy

    Hamilton looks like a Gangster, Versace Boy.

  43. Adrian Untalan

    The fearless bird is still my favorite part of the 2019 Season.

  44. BigBaus

    We need fernando alonso back in formula 1 2021

  45. Paweł Witko

    Kubika... wtf is it so hard to say KubiCa it's little demeaning him because in junior series everyone was telling him kubika...

  46. Elizabeth and more


  47. The Jollynist

    59:15 , Alonso's reaction though

  48. Barek Obaba

    Why so short, only 3 minutes...

  49. Mannez Mootseng

    Montage done. Now just to wait for Netflix release 2019's Drive To Survive.

  50. Mordecai

    It's a bummer Lando didn't get personality of the year but Albon was still pretty good.

  51. Max Sebastian Mayer

    Better than any ESsels rewind

  52. a5m

    59:30 Lol so awkward the look on Toto's face

  53. Plymouth Rock

    What the fock was those idiots singing for, tried to be funny too, it didn't work

  54. T. P.

    "The famous Alonso - Vitalij battle" 1:05

  55. Marc Gosálbez

    Much better than the ESsels Rewind 2019...

  56. Ollie McKechnie

    Better then YT Rewind...

  57. YoviZ. YoviZ.

    "il predestinato vince, il Gran premio di italiaaaaa"

  58. Rich

    This whole event come across so cringeworthy 😂😂

  59. Toxic edwin805

    When is best overtakes of 2019 coming out ?

  60. Stitch

    Takes notes ESsels, THIS is how you make a rewind video! Absolutely fantastic, can't wait to see what next season has in store for us all!

  61. AusWash

    1:44 It was at this moment Nico knew... *HE FUCKED UP*

  62. AJ

    norris is my hero

  63. KaichiZick95

    Smoth Operatooooor

  64. DayDreamer Forex

    They let the F word in ... whaaat ?

  65. Amitabh Paul

    Daniel is Keanu Reeves of F1 XD

  66. Tentacles45

    What a fucking season

  67. Valéria Almeida

    I'm very happy for Albon. He deserved it.

  68. UnslaveHumanity

    I noticed Formula1 ESsels channel with 3,1 Million Subscribers uses the Dutch (!) version of audio commentary (in this "F1 Rewind: 2019 Season Montage") Olav Mol shouting enthusiastic during Max Verstappen successes which is originally broadcasted on Ziggo (The Netherlands). I wonder if others noticed too.

  69. Fardan Fadhilah Andicha Putra

    I'll prefer this instead youtube rewind 2019

  70. N C

    Hamilton looks like he just stepped off the starship enterprise

  71. Nicolas Riveros

    Ricciardo is the best thing that happened to F1 media!

  72. Carlos Ferrari

    Tension between the two was clear. This video was probably shot after Hulkenberg got fired…

  73. Jonathan. R

    2:40 impresionante señores 😍

  74. clint ehoue

    lol mercedes DNS why :D? the best one for last #kimiforpresident

  75. Pawbulhed

    "F1 hAs nO sTraTeGy"

  76. NenadGames FTW

    Cyril Abiteboul: Nico, Esteban Ocon will take your seat in 2020 Nico: 0:01

  77. Valéria Almeida

    I'm sure there are people around the world who are professionals at doing this kind of event and making it interesting and funny and emotional or whatever you want. I hope the FIA gets some of those people for next year.

  78. Dennis Pookie

    keep on racing boys, don't ever stop racing.

  79. HappyJoyKill Last

    Mate been hanging out for a minute for some Dani Ricc content I'm telling ya!

  80. Eryk


  81. Alalo23


  82. Joris De Laat


  83. Plymouth Rock

    Where the guy who breakdowns the time stamps

  84. William Fugere

    Why does Mercedes have a DNS

  85. EpicJoi15

    I like that part where F1 sneaks in the meme of Carlos Sainz 1:04

  86. Kaye Loop

    12:55 😂 “Let’s tell Fernando they are going to steal his trophy 🏆 “ 😂

  87. psynrg

    Brilliant season of commentary from Palmer, cheers! Now, will you tell us at last, who the hell you are talking to? Who's idea was never look at the camera? Sustained as it is, it's weird. But doesn't distract from the content so, what do I know?

  88. randomguy much

    Better than ESsels rewind lol

  89. Alalo23

    59:30 Binotto cries in italian

  90. Adrian Trifon

    Why no mentioning of Lec overtake of Ver on Lap1? No DRS, no tyres bullshit

  91. Sarang Sharma

    If I had seen this before the season I would have said " Man 2019 looks like the shit to watch" But it would only take me the first 5 races.... To realise........what a Mercedes year this is 😂

  92. Vinnie Judilla

    2019 was an incredible season.. So much drama. Can't wait for next year! Thanks guys for all the great content👍👍👍

  93. Porridge Boss

    Hulk hair is so on point he never wore a hat

  94. nvl571

    What a cringe fest.

  95. Jiros

    God I love this sport so much.

  96. Fritzner Alexis

    They FIA or whomever put this together can do be better. A bit mediocre. These hoes are amateur, I mean hosts. SECOND, how you have the CHAMPION walk on stage but give the NON champion guy the grand entrance? This is some BULL...

  97. hero junkie

    well 2019 were two crazy good races!

  98. lilstudyman

    Someone needs to fire that M.C.

    1. Peter Karel Kraus

      Or the trophy design.

  99. Yz CHim

    The rookie of the year should be Lando

    1. L.GH. Djoetma

      Got trashed by Sainz while he's the driver that was at McLaren already and had opportunities to work with all the people. Granted, he was unlucky a couple of times, but Albon did well where Gasly failed. Albon deserves it. Didn't have any connection to F1 anymore, was going to drive in Formula E and out of the blue had to perform in F1 and did, earned a place at RBR, and did well there as well. I think Norris is a good talent, but Albon definitely deserves this one.