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  1. Roslyn Connelly

    I love you

  2. Tzitllali Raw

    I love it when you call me BIG POPPA ! that’s the name for that big o bear lol 😆

  3. David Krasnoff

    Wait are u the people on tiktok

  4. Leanna Romero

    My son lovessas fortnite 🙏🙏🙏 would be such a blessing

  5. Keyana Lathon

    He over reacted to much

  6. zetta mcneill


  7. The Haitian Queen.👑


  8. Janiya Lee

    I can draw better but biaaaaaaanca draw better😃😃😃😃☺😂😂😂😂😂!!!!!!

  9. Beaudine Ngatuere-Brooks

    Hey guys, I would really love an Xbox for my boyfriend, because I cannot afford one. I liked, followed y’all and shared your video on Facebook. Love yall💖

  10. XxBiteMe90xX

    i love her sweater!

  11. Irana Massey

    give me shout out

  12. conceited J

    kyrie has her face they all like i think kyrie has my ears i always notice how they got the same exact face and smile

  13. Sarah Bates

    I'm happy that this solid this hug to you

  14. Nickyle Smith

    Bro tell us the truth

  15. Jahlial davis


  16. Janyah Williams

    Kyrie and Biannca are twins when she was little

  17. Duhhitz- nay

    0:07 she not a thot she a playa lmaoo.... Theres a diffrents

  18. Aliya Jones


  19. Devonaire Deas

    In photo #2 and 3 she looked a lot like kyrie🤣 I love the prince family and I really hope I can win something for the give away because I never win☹️❤️

  20. Tasha Ramirez

    You can b

  21. Leonard Currie

    Bianca one wrapping a present

  22. Èva Santmier

    Yes Kyrie and b are twins 😀😀😀

  23. Zoe Hayward

    I rate Bianca hairstyle 10,000

  24. Lucy Martinez

    Damien dident close his eyes

  25. urgirlcassey !

    “Was you a thot” BYEEEE DAMIEN💀💀💀✌🏽

  26. Niesha Lembrick

    Binnac is butter then Damien 🤭🤫😰😒🥱

  27. Mariah Pride

    Tbh-Damien might be a little slow and don’t even know it

    1. Janyah Williams



    TEAM Biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanka

  29. Corey Walls

    I would want to get a game system for my sister

  30. Tiffany H.-Vermillion


  31. Sarah Bates

    I'm sorry that this happened to you

  32. Mel Mccoy

    B you have pink

  33. Vivian Hernandez


  34. Alina Nunez


  35. Eveline Adea


  36. Aleasa Gibson


  37. ScumbagChara Gaming

    I would like to win a PS4 or an Xbox because for my birthdays I’ve never gotten something big, my sister always gets a lot of things like tickets to a concert, beats, a laptop and a money but I always get like $150 every year😔

  38. Èva Santmier

    I know u are giving out game systems for the hoildays and i woyld love to get an ps4 for my family they would really appreciate it they have been wanting one for a while and they are just to much right now take care hope u all have a nice Christmas love ya guys

  39. Jose Nieves

    Go go go

  40. Arihanna Maliyah Donald everly

    God pls

  41. Arihanna Maliyah Donald everly

    I love you guy I watch y’all all day

  42. Aunica Leal-Willis

    Stop smacking give a like if you hear Damien smacking while eating cheese balls

  43. Life with jay

    Why you keep blocking the face

    1. Melanie Druery

      Because they want to maybe they don't like you

    2. Sweetie Pie

      Life with jay obviously because her ex’s are irrelevant now 💁🏼‍♀️🙄

  44. Milonde Essy

    How old is he anyway let me just watch the video to find out btw I’m a new ESselsr please show me some love

  45. Tremeka Nicholson

    yes they should

  46. Tia Jones

    I followed you guys! I want the PS4 or Xbox because my kiddos would love it!

  47. Lucy Martinez

    They not that serios

  48. Thekingisback22 Junior

    B won no cap

  49. Renashia Johnson

    I want a ps4

  50. Jasmane Mirtile


  51. Trisha Melchor

    “everything you eat got salt in it” 😂 im weak

  52. Royal Keea

    Biannca and Kyrie look alike

    1. Tony 2

      Because of something called genetics.

  53. K&L On Deck

    Love you guys...his reactions 😂 Nd loves when y’all said aye together

  54. juiceman4 the goat


  55. hibo qali

    giev me one

  56. super danna 8

    I would love to win a p s 4

  57. Bianca Rose

    Nobody: Damien: you looked cute in this

  58. Isabella Villers

    Team banciaaa

  59. Jessiah Torres

    Post notification squad

  60. Jessica Robertson

    The Facebook link isn't working?

  61. super danna 8

    You guys are the best family

  62. Shakina Dasilva

    Don't do it,no revenge Damian.

  63. Kelly Louise Vlog's

    Im Xbox one person more!!x

  64. Dayday Hood

    Team Damion

  65. Lamartha Gobert

    All of yall pray for b

  66. zetta mcneill

    6:13 Damien you make a big deal over everything Bianca was just saying aww i mean like yeah i see why your upset but she can have a picture of her ex bc it had Bianca on there Bianca can can have that picture if she wants to all she has to do it mark her exs face out and thats it "SHOTS FIRED" TEAM BIANCA ALL DAY EVERY DAY 🤣

  67. Corey Walls

    I want to win a game for my sister

  68. Staleigha Washington

    Damien sickenin😂The past is the past old flings are old! Him being jealous of those exes is ridiculous🤣

  69. Sasha Kratz

    Team Bianca ❤

  70. Great Igbajpa

    Bro photo 2 looked like kyrie

  71. Regina Collins

    i think damien is jealous😜🤣

  72. tanyahw12 watson

    I am almost in winter

  73. Andre Defreitas

    Pic #23 looks like she have baby Nova in her hands

  74. w8rlds

    Clean stuff lmao💀💯

  75. Khaliya Fazal

    This is crazzy Bianca

  76. Keyonte Gambrell

    Lmao daimens arm in this video was moving like the one in the back ground 🤣😭

  77. Niome Budhram


  78. rashauna smith

    I've followed liked shared and comment on the last 4 post

    1. Sïr Shùn

      Only 4?

  79. 2 licious gang

    Hey guys much love to u ,have a wonderful night stay bless always

  80. love turtle

    Yes in picture 23 she look like a boy

  81. Aunica Leal-Willis

    Those cookies are da bom

  82. Sage Kingman

    Damien: this is my side chick. Side chick meet Bianca Bro he's cold as hell😂

  83. KINGELITE 1245

    I don’t have a PlayStation or a Xbox and I really like video games

  84. kassie Bradley

    Bianca and Kyrie r twins!! 😍

  85. Guadalupe Aguilar

    Day 6 and still have not got a shoutout💔😔😭🙏🙏🙏

  86. Yep -

    Nobody : The three stooges chin tickle : 6:32

  87. Renashia Johnson

    I won’t one

  88. Nautizzzle Forever

    Ky look just like her omg

  89. Rachauga Wofford

    Would love one for my 7 year old he loves video games! Merry Christmas

  90. Baby Bear

    Can I please get an Xbox please me and my family are struggling with Christmas present and I just wanted to give my brother an Xbox for Christmas because he been asking for one for a long time

  91. Lashawn Brown

    And also bc my mom can't afford to get me one

  92. Kelly Louise Vlog's

    Don’t have Facebook but I have Instagram what lot better that Facebook lol let see win PS4 for Christmas.

  93. Aunica Leal-Willis

    Wow he said want some y’all can’t have any

  94. Davon Griffin

    Biannaca should do a im diying prank on damian

  95. Gzus Ramirez

    I will pick both

  96. Staleigha Washington

    Kyrie and Biannca are twins frfr!!From the smile to ears😂

  97. Braylon Cox

    Follow the prince family on Facebook

  98. L & I Squad

    I liked and shared your Facebook page I want to win the Xbox x y because I want to surprise my boyfriend with it and see a big smile on his face I wanted to get it for him but unfortunately it's a little too much for my

  99. Akia Henderson