I'M TOTALLY ADDICTED TO MAKEUP and upload unbiased Product Reviews, Tips, Hauls and Tutorial videos on Drugstore & Luxury Beauty Products three days per week! xo's ~ Tati

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  1. Diana Carr

    Tati, I’m getting married in may and need wedding makeup tips! My fiancé is in the military and he’ll be deployed for the fourth time in February. I want to look so good when he sees me because he leaves again and I won’t see him for another year! Wedding makeup tips please! I sure wish Scott could do my makeup. Thanks!

  2. Bente Arntzen

    This looks stunning, but the palette is too warm for me. I hope a later palette have cooler tones.

  3. MamaMurder73

    That episode of broken was AWESOME!!

  4. Sydney Baugh

    I'd watch your channel even if you only uploaded once a week. Stay blessed!

  5. Mrs. Amy Elder

    This is why I love you and will support you forever! You are a great human being, wish more influencers were like you.

  6. cinnie2

    Well said. btw, I like to see someone enjoying the fruits of their labor (money). :) Good for you.

  7. Tiffany Dí Marco

    Going into 2020 like 26:29 Btw- Thank you for making your products permanent items. My anxiety was instantly assuaged.

  8. holbrookski

    I would love to have that palette and I put it on my Birthday/Christmas wish list because I cannot afford it at this time - hopefully by time it’s restocked. It’s a very beautiful palette and I love the lay out of it. Thank you for addressing this issue. BTW, I saw your pallets on EBay for $125.00.

  9. Sonya Crawford

    Help me to make it stop

  10. Sonya Crawford

    I agree

  11. sheila turner

    Go Tati!!!! 100% correct!!! Totally be honest , I agree with honesty and I thank you for standing up for all of you that do this for a living!!!!❤️❤️🤟🙏

  12. Saphira Elizebeth

    Watch 'Broken' on Netflix. The very first episode opens your eyes to the counterfeit industry. Don't support it. I love you Tati for SPREADING this awareness.

  13. Leanne Wells

    Can you review more make up geek & review some of manny mua launches please 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹👌👌👌👌👌🌟🌟🌟🌟

  14. Hailie Rowland

    My was my palette sent to international shipping when I live in Washington and it's coming from California. Why?

  15. Alyxandra Arnold

    I can't wait to get my palette. I pre-ordered it in November. I'm excited to get it for Christmas! ❤️✨✨

  16. Cheyanne Lynch

    Yes, Tati preach.

  17. Leopard Bra Brado


  18. Shayna Kapple

    That episode on Broken was most definitely eye opening! I’m very careful to only buy from authorized retailers.

  19. Casey O'Brien

    Inspiring! You are my role model 😁

  20. Sherry Bora

    "Carmine, which is crushed beetles. Gross." Carmine is used as a dye in hundreds of different food products. Carmine is also used as a dye in soaps, lotions, lip balms etc. etc. etc..

    1. Leopard Bra Brado

      You need to stop... seriously.

  21. MsHelloWorldtv

    I just watched a documentary on netflix about dups. Its crazy the products they sell are affecting peoples health. Its sick

  22. sparky10901

    So, with the contour and highlight that you do before the foundation, would you then not use as full-coverage foundation? Wouldn't a full-coverage foundation cover this all up?

  23. Amanda Brown

    Do you ship to the uk?

  24. manal asiri

    I bought a maybelline tattoo liner, I wanted black and I accidentally bought the navy blue one.. I love it. The best mistake I've ever made

  25. Louise Bystrup

    Love tutorials 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

  26. Gabs Toy Adventure

    Very good. Please follow

  27. Hanna Andersson

    I'd love if your clothes were linked 😍 Love your style !

  28. Desi Terry

    “The way we change the world is with our wallets” is a pretty privileged thing to say. People living in poverty don’t have choice in which food or items they buy. People with limited income still deserve to feel good and buy pretty things, and if your makeup is not accessible, what do you think they will reach for? The way we change is eliminating poverty and corporate greed/welfare.

  29. antoniac1234

    Y'all silly out here. I didn't get that coupon for that comfy and I'm pissed 😡

  30. Samantha Shine

    OMG! Yesterday I got either NYX or Wet & Wild Foundation, liner, Highlighting powder, Photofinish setting powder, and was pleasantly shocked to spend less than $20, which my cheap self loved...

  31. Georgette Castillion


  32. Lucy savage

    You said the phrase "organic vegetables" as though literally all vegetables are not organic...

  33. Ioana Daniela Bertea

    "Worst makeup day ever" but she still looks darn good and her eye makeup is PoPPiNg

  34. Cecilie Skeby

    You should do mini palettes of your palette with each column of shadows - that would be so cool

  35. you can't leave this empty

    How is she so unlikeable?

  36. cizka sada

    I have been sooo curious of the Halo 😇 products !! And literally going there now to buy some and support you ! I adore you so much because you have been so honest and such a hard worker! Xoxo

  37. Lunara Ricci

    I really want to see a luminescence air brush review from Tati!

  38. payaswini bansal

    Logan Is so cuuuuuute and charming

  39. Sugarfoot Tarot


  40. Michelle Martin

    Thank you!!! I can always count on you! 😊❤️👍

  41. koren cox


  42. Danielle

    I was gifted Making Faces years and years and years ago when I first got into makeup and it's an absolutely beautiful book. I learned a lot, it's so good for makeup lovers of all levels

  43. Cossette Carias

    Queen ❤

  44. Dalena Dang

    So happy I stayed up to get the first batch, have always loved her makeup reviews and style. Been a month and I can really share that her palette is soo good.

  45. Shannon Rolfes

    Thank you for being so honest. I love the Broken docuseries.

  46. Molly Fanton

    I highly recommend watching Broken. It's an eye opener. Don't buy stuff like cosmetics off eBay.

  47. Maryum Hussain

    "Tati" as in tati

  48. Noya N

    i need that eyeliner 😭

  49. Edictal

    they just chasing the bag

  50. Samalanderable

    You need to stop... seriously.

  51. Karen Miranda

    Tati (BTW) my mom’s name is Tatiana and my stepdad calls her Tati. Also my first cousin is named Tatiana but goes by Tati and lives in LA (we’re from the Colombian Caribbean city of Barranquilla) (Shakira and Sofia Vergara’s city as well.) Your voice is really calming and you come off as genuine and I really appreciate how you can transmit your positive and sweet energy through a video and thank you for mentioning God and being down to earth with the gift suggestions 💕 👩🏻 💄💐🎁 I just subscribed 😀

  52. mocha__matcha tea

    4:18 blood sweat tears... uwu I just had to

  53. j bibee

    "I am not creating anxiety in the market" - which is why I will follow and purchase from you forever.

  54. Kristle Lacy

    I love my pallet! Worth every penny!

  55. Melissa Hill

    Um hi...I need that nail polish. Holy crap. And what’s on your eyes. Omg so perfect

  56. 420 M

    Always attention seeking

  57. Briar Nightshade

    I have and will forever buy from the true brand or from a beauty supply store (ulta or sephora)

  58. Zua Tejeda

    I love Tati ❤️ but I hated that lip color on her 😫 does anyone else think she looked a little weird with it ??

  59. FancyFeet dance

    Can we Talk About Tati hair ! Luv it😘😘😘😘

  60. Nabila Nurul Septyanty

    scott is so funny :D "ZORO"

  61. Maria Julie


  62. hhhstar

    They are jealous! Keep up the good work.

  63. Karem Lavez

    We love you Tati ❤️

  64. Nicole Trone

    where is this sweater from i have to know

  65. James Patrick

    she is so funny in this

  66. curlykaori

    I haven t watched her for months now and... her face is changed 😂 Lips and cheeks injected perhaps?

  67. Katherine Madaras

    Used to work at Ulta and people would return counterfeits but make sure the bar codes matched so that it would scan correctly. Normally you can tell from the outer package that the color is off but omg counterfeit makeup is so bad. I would swatch it and their was no pigment.

  68. ale camarillo

    I'm a chemist and I have trouble everytime someone says "organic food" bc the definition of organic is a molecule that contains carbon and Oxygen, and that basically everything in the world, the best way to call this products is not molecurar alterated food, so yeah thank u. Preach on the counterfit makeup tati, love u

  69. Jamie Rust

    Finally someone speaks up about money AND morals!! Love you Tati! Keep doing your thing girl!❤️

  70. 89 Bristooll

    She is pisseed cuz she wants MOREEEEE MONEYYYYYY ...

  71. Paola Trainor

    Love videos like this!!

  72. Melissa Hardy


  73. Taulerr

    U need to stop

  74. Diaries of a New Mom

    I respect your platform so much Tati, it’s awesome to see a woman who embraces her health and her message as a lifestyle! Sending you so much love, thank you for educating!

  75. pingui089

    OMG 😮🤭 wow I had no idea they were twins!!

  76. juligiesy

    This goes for the hairstylist community as well. The diversion and black market that goes on with hair care products is INSANE! You should ONLY buy from your hairstylist. Why would you want to support amazon, tj maxx, target, or anyone else anyways??? Do better, y’all!

  77. Asif Iqbal

    I love all moments.😎

  78. Kristy Lou

    I'd Love you to do the same look using drugstore make up Tati

  79. Brigitte Soler

    would love to see tutorials and rewiews on weirds products or doing again your monday madness drugstore. That would be nice. Thanks Tati

  80. Carola Scharf

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE, that you are so transparent

  81. Mariah_Murray

    Title: this needs to stop.. You need to stop

    1. Levi ll-// welcome to TRENCH

      what happened?

  82. Carola Scharf

    What are you wearing on your lips? 😍😍😍

  83. Heather

    Amazon - hard pass. The amount of counterfeit products they sell & don't regulate the safety of is outstanding.

  84. CrazyDayz

    Just watched "Broken" yesterday....really an eye opener! I could never buy a knockoff ....too scary.

  85. Zaki Benbachir


  86. Christine Cook

    Hey Tati!!! Love you so much!!! Would love to see the physicians formula organic line video!!! And loved this video as well along with all your others!!! Muah xoxo

  87. appledesire

    I would love if you made a video about hair. I really like those video😅

  88. Kristen Bianca

    Voting with our wallets -

  89. Rebekah

    God loves you so much Tati. Jesus is Lord. You're mum is adorable and you are soo so so blessed. mwah!

  90. Grace Fitzgerald

    What about customers from Europe??

  91. Asha Gabrielle

    I've always been a high end bisssh always knew you get what you pay for :)

  92. Zzz Xxx

    انت حلوة بدون مكياج

  93. Rebekah

    Tati you're a good daughter. : - ) !

  94. Kelsey 23

    It's cool when you see vids like this 2 yrs into the future. Its just cool to look back at what was releasing at the time. Cuz this was like 100 foundations ago lol

  95. Malia Ferron

    I immediately shared this is important and amazing

  96. yellowduck

    Jaclyn Hill 👀☕

  97. Jasmine Paris

    I love that she is transparent about money. Of course we all love money that's why we work! Props to Tati

  98. some guy

    you should stop

  99. Kerri Ann

    I love how dark your hair is. If I went that dark, I'd look like Morticia... 😔