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  1. sonic 1520

    3:17 no me lo esperaba

  2. Andika Wahyu Utomo


  3. Hawa Jallow



    That goals were superb !!!!!!!!

  5. Adam Sythes

    Van dijk should of won it

  6. Ерлан Музаппаров

    Месси король

  7. Asfiah

    Super big joke similar 2010

  8. T-M-R Clan


  9. Vicke Thapa

    Guys.. And the Sad Part about football World Messi will retire after 2/3 years.. Make sure to hit like for 1/2 Balon Dor after his Retirement Make it Blue for next Balon Dor for Messi.. 👇🏻

  10. Quang Vo van quang

    Mesii love you

  11. nrzhfr

    Even in training seeing Messi in action is an incredible sight

  12. pedro paulino




  14. אליהו נמני

    I am the fan of Juvntus from Israel Ilike Messi as a good person and great player ..

  15. Camilla Palmero


  16. Pedro Donnini


  17. Kevin Zaka

    Neymar come back to Barcelona MSM pleaseeee

  18. Marcos Gonzales

    The intro song sounds familiar , where is it from??

  19. Marcos Gonzales

    De donde era la canción del principio?

  20. Adad Ammi


  21. Clav Nto

    La première fois en Francais, cette présentation

  22. Ed Mdz

    1:30 *Hahaha defender asking for offside* 😂

  23. Onkar Dubey

    Are they playing kho-kho . Indians will understand

  24. Franco Lombardo

    Ojala Lio sea DT! Y asi seguir dusfrutando de Leo! Grande Lei

  25. raj patel

    What is this kindergarten music?

  26. DS5


  27. Lio chan

    Its Comlicado

  28. Le sage Pas du tout sage


  29. notre dame

    please like the comment of notre dame

  30. Anzonini Delpuerto


  31. Anzonini Delpuerto


  32. بًقْاًيًا ذِكًرًىً اٍنٍسًاًنْ

    El maestro indiscutible de los jugadores.

  33. notre dame

    go leonel messi i love to win the match today go leonel go griezzmane go FC BARCELONA

    1. notre dame

      yes i love fc barcelona please like the comment

  34. Souad Boufrakech

    Leo is the best

  35. Dalyn Arias

    starts 2020

  36. ali hamadaa

    Plz the music name 😅

  37. Nephie Ngoy

    Valverde out please

  38. Kong Samoeun

    I love you barcelona❤️️

  39. Alex Medina

    el mejor de todos

  40. Scarface 503

    el dolor de ano de las madrinas haber que tienen de excusa que no sea "tinimis 13 shimpins" mas el regalo a sobrevaloramodric jajaja

  41. Naufal Rizqi Hilmy

    2nd song name please

  42. مجهول مجهول


  43. mjwchapman

    Cantona and Schmeichel watching from the stands. I think this was from the era of the foreign player quota.

  44. Paul Lamothe

    I hate messi


    Me contratan?

  46. Mame Mor Diop

    Moussa Wagué!!!!!!!!

  47. oneseirios

    The Best of all time by miles...

  48. Everton Luiz

    O Messi e de outro planeta

  49. Shweta Desai

    He is just unstoppable and ronaldo has no chance


    Mais ils vont se blesser😩

  51. Danai G

    Suarez looks like a chef with this hat

  52. Iuri pio Russo

    Questo Eh Mio Bomber Vince Sempre Pallone D'Oro Perché Lui Eh Lyon Messi D' Oro

  53. Utsab Saha

    Good job boss

  54. Luis Cerqueira


  55. Hamza Ibric

    Ansu fati is mine favorite player right now

  56. GUCCI-LiOr.T. _


  57. Leo Messi

    Barcelona The best

  58. Realman Khard

    Behind the scene which wasn't there : Football Mafia.

  59. Marvin Prokopf

    I came as i saw this pass from Ronaldinho 3:30

  60. DanteelGam

    Im not a Barcelona fan but this is amazing

  61. ignacio rein 10 rein

    Juega al fornite

  62. Jay G

    Wow they played cat and mouse..

  63. Fútbol 408 Lf

    Más que un club = una familia

  64. venanzio william

    good for us for our wins guys

  65. Tôi là Quân

    Mate's so Cuteeeee

  66. Movie Mania

    Messi jadi anak bawang. 🤣

  67. حمودي الرومانسي

    Why all the fuss who is this that you are interested in

  68. VパンVぱんマン


  69. Abdiqani official

    he deserves it

  70. Yanto Suyatno

    Mesi g layak ini sungguh konyol di dapet laliga aja ko jadi peraih balon dor ini sungguh memalukan diliat dari sisi mana mesi pemain terbaik.....Ronaldo dua x di kurangi....taun lalu di berikan modrik....taun ini di kasih mesi ....ini sungguh TDK adil bubarin aja g usah ada pemain terbaik kalo g jujur

  71. Naveen Sankar

    Not to spoil the fun but seeing how much he's achieved makes me think about the fact he's nearing retirement and I don't know if I'll survive that😥

  72. Rayan DJ

    Arturo Vidal the beast

  73. Aboubacar Sidick Diaby

    legend of history best

  74. Musavir Azad

    Lionel Messi is the King of football

  75. asraful fardin

    There's really no room for doubt that Only " Leo The MESSI " has the worthy of getting the Ballon d'or .

  76. giosephking09

    like se lo guardi pk lo ha visto gabby

  77. Nahuel Pugliese Ballesta

    A la verga no se ingles

  78. Aly askary


  79. Công Nguyễn


  80. Công Nguyễn

    a trai oi cho e muọn 1 đến 2 triệu usd đc không anh oi e đang rất cần tiền

  81. Tamomimo T

    Number 4 and 7 of BARÇA = Genius

  82. Maciej Janiszewski

    Mam nadzieje że pewne 3pkt 😊

  83. 1 Directioner

    Who likes the one with blue t-shirt

  84. Matteo Bastasin

    Does anyone know the song’s name? Plz

  85. Mc_creeker


  86. Spot 18

    Messi ,griezmann fans

  87. Ailton Araujo Da Silva Araujo

    Barça parças

  88. Ailton Araujo Da Silva Araujo

    Vamos barça

  89. Ailton Araujo Da Silva Araujo

    Força barça

  90. sidedy sidedy

    Like aj

  91. Bittu Biswas

    neto should get more chances

  92. Noah Asmar

    Vamos Barca love Barca Insha Allah Barca win Messi Suarez grizman score love Allah soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  93. Price Kiill0

    Valverde OUT William👍 Neymar 👎 Martinez 👍

  94. Scorpio Snake

    Don't you guys think it's bad for the defenders and goalkeepers self confidence training with Messi . Lol . The guy's scoring goals as if he's taking a walk in the park .

  95. JJ Ryan

    All the best for El Clasico. As usual one of the teams is already pretending they have injuries to try to mess with the other team's heads. Don't fall for it! Assume they will be full strength.

  96. 佟鹤

    2:25. Suares 3:19 Messi

  97. Chrifa Malak

    Vamoooos ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  98. Tanha Liakot

    I am Messi's big fan . He is a person who just not alives in the heart of 🇦🇷 but for the whole world. I know that when we die people never remember me 😞😞 but LEO MESSI is forever . 2050 :: The greatest Icon footballer

  99. Marco Rossi


  100. حسين البرشلوني