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  1. bubble tea

    i remember this was my favourite song but i forced it out of myself because that was when i cared about when people judge my music taste:( now i listen to kpop

  2. Michael Cooper

    Play Santana- "Aqua Marine" over this video. You will NOT regret this decision. Long Live Abel.

    1. Michael Cooper

      Start playing 'Aqua Marine' around 0:40. Bruh.

  3. denys mauro

    Caramba e o Zé pequeno

  4. Arikison

    Mad stranger things season 4 vibes

  5. SUGAR-3-ME -

    Wish they put the vid back up

  6. The Boy

    The darkest song The Weeknd has ever made

  7. Aylla Guimarães

    Love music. Brasilll🎯

  8. Jose Carrera

    The best song of the weeknd hands down

  9. Potato Chip

    Ok I’m confused did she actually do what people are saying she did 🤧

  10. zara

    this song will never get old..

  11. NXN

    0:00 - 1:12 sounds like something out of John wick

  12. cristian alvarez


  13. Tevinn Tanner


  14. StarchaserArya


  15. This Isn’t America

    Only the real fans remember when this video was made for kids lmaoooooooo

  16. Just Chronicle

    No wonder why 50% of his songs a sexually freaky

  17. Ray Hansen

    That's like Osama claiming to be a peace activist ....


    Today im gonna die. Before it listening this for the last time🙂

  19. Martin Altamar

    2:08 that entrence man, this song hits hard! amazing album.

  20. James Baldwin

    What happened to this guy

  21. Christopher Clemente

    The weekend made the biggest comeback in history

  22. Qandeel Hussain

    Ok who wasn't totally expecting this??

  23. Miroslaw Bryniak


  24. Dulce Arrecis

    The weeknd y doja cat hacen una hermosa pareja like si hacen una hermosa pareja y si no comenta por que 🙌🙌💕💕

  25. Nothing about.

    Amaizing ❤️



  27. Akira Shin


  28. boof stain

    That first ooo isn't even a drop but still hit different

  29. VoDkAvi

    I told all girls JK after sex just so I can relate to this song

  30. Djazes Yessiirr

    She’s dope great voice and vibe

  31. Splash Lyrics

    Help me make some subs☹️

  32. Splash Lyrics

    Help me make some subs☹️

  33. Splash Lyrics

    Help me make some subs☹️

  34. Splash Lyrics

    Help me make some subs☹️

  35. kac moh

    Super power

  36. Jovan Mitanoski

    i hate that the remix is not gonna do well because of the fake shit about doja

  37. Kaarm


  38. Jessica Peralta


  39. Graciela Rodriguez

    I'm in love with Doja's part! your doing great sweetie

  40. Rob G


  41. Fabiaan Vergara

    I think doja is more versatily than megan, yes megan can rap very well but her flow is always the same, and doja all the songs sound different, juicy, boss bitch, in your eyes, say yo she sound very well in every song I love how she change her floww

  42. Justin Stapleton

    2:34 🤯

  43. Realist

    Really shows how generic the weekends beats and flow are.

  44. Oumeyma Naceur

    Best song of the decade❤

  45. •ラメン•「Rāmen」

    When someone hits me up like the girl did, I’ma send this song.

  46. just random sh*t

    Why would the weeknd allow this to happen

  47. just random sh*t

    Shes racist towards her own men. The weeknd should never done this collab

    1. Orlando Hernandez Garcia

      you know almost all that shit about her being racist is fake?

    2. Flying Dragon 555

      She’s actually not there was a smear campaign against her

  48. Christian M

    Highway 🛣 vibe anyone else 😊

  49. highrollerlion

    How could they not have Steve in this song too

    1. Big Chris

      Right, thank you

  50. Valeria OC

    I never imagined this

  51. Glitch

    Why is this better than lil xan's whole career

  52. Donavan Bighetty

    This is actually lit asf.

  53. Ahmad Roundy


  54. Soliel Hayles


  55. Hasana Zaki

    I like both version, with or without doja both are awesome. It's on repeat 💕💕

  56. Hasana Zaki

    Doja cat's singing voice 💕💕 I'm melting

  57. T.

    Twitter culture can succ a big d This song slaps, she slaps, and the only thing that should be cancelled is the culture

  58. lou Gwen


  59. Kris

    Remember downloading his 3 mixtapes and telling all my friends he was gonna be the next big thing. The all made fun of me cause they didn't know who he was. Now look at him. X'♡

  60. Isra Hauntler

    Love Doja....Angel voice

  61. Baby Boii

    Who listening to this in 2020😤

  62. rub rub

    I thot the song couldnt get any better